6 Ways to Encourage Eco-Friendly Habits at Home


With the rise in popularity of eco-friendly products and eco-friendly living, people are becoming more aware of its importance. Protecting our earth from man-made damage will mitigate the harm caused to the environment.

Whether you are new to it or have been practicing it for years, most people are unaware of the simple changes that play vital roles in reducing environmental degradation. Encouraging people around you about your green habits is a great way to make them aware of certain lifestyle choices.

Introducing a few greenways to your inner circles such as family and friends will help them help the environment. Remember, being eco-friendly takes effort and commitment so start small and help form little eco-conscious knowledge at home.

Introducing Eco-Friendly Products

One of the best ways to encourage eco-friendly habits at home is by introducing products that reduce harm to the environment. By sharing and taking action with eco products, you raise awareness amongst your family and friends.

When you use eco-friendly products and it gets their attention, they will be compelled to look into the companies of your choice. For instance, Ecoy is an excellent brand that uses bamboo which is an eco-friendly material. These products are a great alternative to traditional materials and plastic.


Volunteering in groups and organizations that take special measures to conduct pro-earth activities is an excellent way to encourage people to go green. These organizations are always in search of people who are interested in saving the earth.

Living sustainably is not as easy as it seems but certain steps like planting trees, cleaning a beach, etc can help develop good environmental habits. When others see the good your volunteering activity is doing, they will be encouraged to join you on your pro-earth activities.


Save Energy

Saving energy is one of the best steps when living eco-friendly. There are several ways you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint on earth at home. Simple steps by switching regular light bulbs for LED light bulbs as it consumes less than 75% energy. You can even insulate your house as energy can leak through your floor, walls, doors, and even windows.

Another great way to encourage people to live smarter is by managing the use of water. By simply taking shorter showers, flow restrictors and switching showerheads can help save a lot of water.

Plant Plants

When you first started eco-living, you probably thought of placing pots of plants all over the house. Yes, plants are great as they are natural purifiers that can improve the quality of air at home. If you have a small backyard or a small space in your apartment, you can even consider gardening.

It can be an excellent family activity as you can teach your kids or even your friends about the environment and the importance of conserving them. While at it, you can have a variety of vegetables and fruits right in your garden.

Plant Plants


Since the majority of us are connected through the internet, starting a blog is a great way to share your knowledge on being green. You can write on various topics such as tips to improve your way of living, tips to reduce plastic pollution, insights, and DIY zero waste ideas so much more.

Before you reached where you are today in your journey in living eco-friendly, at some time, you were lost as well. A green blog will not only help people around you but also connect with them on a personal level. And who knows, if you manage to gain a decent following, you can even gain income through your green blogs.

Gift Wraps

Every action you take or make on the earth can impact the environment. Encouraging people to go green can go a long way if they find value in everything you do. For instance purchasing eco-friendly products as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or even Christmas is a great way to build awareness. While the green product plays a key role, you can even consider gift-wrapping them with recyclable packaging.


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