6 Potential Turn Offs for Future Home Buyers (And How to Solve Them)


Whether you have a home you’re hoping to sell, or are in the market to buy a home, there are some red flags you need to be aware of. While everyone has their own specific tastes and needs, there are a few things that we can all agree are basic no-nos, regardless. Finally being able to plunk down a pretty penny for a home is a wonderful thing, but it’s also a huge investment that asks for a lot of money – one that is not to be taken lightly. So, whether you want to sell your home or are planning to buy one in the future, then read on for definite turn-offs to avoid as much as possible.

1. Cracks and Defects

There are some small things that as a homeowner, you kind of accept and let slide, like small cracks in the ceiling that feel insignificant and you become used to seeing them. So much so that you forget that they are even there. However, a new homeowner can and will notice them right away, and those tiny household nuisances suddenly become a glaring issue. It’s actually a big turn off and will cause the buyer to wonder why they have never been repaired. The thing is, if someone who is interested in the house only ends up seeing a long list of chores, then they will flee and refuse to invest their hard-earned cash in that space.

2. Ratty or Broken Windows

Just like cracks and other small defects like a loose doorknob, a ratty or broken window is just some of the potentially annoying things for a new homeowner to be asked to deal with. As the experts at SimpsonWindowsandDoors.ca  recommend, it is important to get the windows fixed or upgraded as soon as possible, since they are a major selling point – or not – for potential buyers. No one is going to buy a house that seems decrepit or gives off bad vibes, which broken windows communicate better than anything. Actually, upgrading your windows can help to up your property value considerably, so it can allow you to make a profit off selling your home once you’re ready to sell.

3. The Kitchen is Rough Around the Edges

Even if a potential home buyer is not exactly a Martha Stewart type, a dinghy kitchen lacking in modern appliances is still unhelpful and is a huge turn off to people looking for a new house. A good kitchen can actually make a huge difference in whether a home will be sold or not. No one will want to come in and deal with uneven countertops, a bad sink, or anything else that seems remotely gross or inconvenient. So, it makes sense to try to fix up and upgrade the kitchen as much as possible before selling.

4. Shoddy Electricity

If you are currently occupying a house with bad electrical wiring, then not only is this awful and ill-advised for you and your family, it will make anyone else who is a potential buyer run away as fast as possible. Electrical wiring needs to be safe throughout the home, and effective – no light switch that doesn’t seem connected to anything. It should also be logical, without a switch causing the electricity to shut off in another part of the house. Poor eclectic wiring is definitely a major point of annoyance for any home buyer.

5. Bad Decor

While everyone has their own personal tastes and it might seem unfair for potential home buyers to make a judgment call based on the previous tenants, just keep in mind that there’s a reason why real estate agents keep the houses they’re selling fairly plain and copacetic. People are turned off by the homes that they walk into and look as though they definitely belong to others, and they cannot envision themselves ever living there. If the home is to be put up for sale, then it needs to be cleared of clutter and any overly personal decor choices such as that Wiccan figurine placed haphazardly on the mantel.

6. General Disrepair

A home that is dirty and clearly not well taken care of is not something that encourages a home buyer to take the plunge. In fact, it is a huge turn-off. It evokes feelings of disrepair and only reminds people of what they need to fix and take care of, rather than being optimistic about moving in there. If the home is ever placed on the market, then it needs to be cleaned up straight away.

General Disrepair

Most turn-offs are completely flexible and can be fixed easily with a little focus and help from professionals. It’s important to show that the home is well cared for, and do what you can to evoke the hope of a calm future in order for it to sell, rather than out and out chaos.

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