6 Important Things We Often Forget While Renovating Old Houses


Renovating old houses can be a very tedious task. It requires proper planning and a lot of patience. But there is a joy to it as well. Bringing back life to an old or abandoned house is sometimes exciting.

However, in that excitement, we often forget about a few things that are very important to the renovation job. Our focus, sometimes, is fixated on only a few places in the house. As a result, we forget to touch upon some of the other areas that direly need our attention.

In this article, we will be looking at six important things we often forget to consider while renovating an old house.

1. Consulting a Structural Engineer or an Architect

There is no easy way of renovating a house. However, to save time, most of us jump to the renovation part. Trying to save a couple of days of work, we forget to make a proper plan, decide on a budget, and so on. Most importantly, we often forget to talk to a structural engineer and an architect before beginning the renovation.

A structural engineer can help you understand how well the house can handle the changes. They will run a complete survey of the house and give you insights that you otherwise could not have. Their opinions are to be taken seriously as they deal directly with the house’s structural integrity.

An architect, on the other hand, can guide you through the renovation itself. They can help you decide on design features as well as the decor. Their insights are very valuable to make the house look better than its old and abandoned form.

Although consulting a structural engineer and an architect will cost you a bit of money, it is an investment you should make.

2. Checking the Water and Power Supply Lines

Over time, the water supply, and power lines in old houses tend to wear out. Broken water pipes can lead to damp walls and a dirty supply of water. Damaged power lines or wiring, on the other hand, can lead to all sorts of trouble, including the possibility of a fire.

Thus, it is crucial to check these lines first before beginning renovation work and get them fixed accordingly.

3. The House Exterior

We are often so focused on the interior of the house that we forget about the way it looks from the outside. That, however, should not be the case.

Start with the outer walls and see if they require plastering or a paint job. Once the house is done, shift your focus to the front lawn and driveway. There is a high possibility that the front side of the house looks a bit messy. To deal with that, you can start by using driveway paints and sealers to give the road leading to the house a fresh new look. Then, begin your work on the lawn. Get rid of the tall grass and plant new trees if necessary.

Erect a new fence around the house as well. You could even renovate the old one with some new material.

4. Fixing the Floor

Look for broken floorboards or tiles, and replace them as necessary. Check every corner of the house while looking for problematic floors. You might even want to change the entire flooring if it is badly damaged and unfixable. This, however, will cost you a lot, depending on the floor space.

5. Checking for Pests and Infestations

Before starting the renovation job, check for pests and infestations around the house. Their presence can hamper the overall progress of the renovation. Moreover, pest infestations will continue to haunt you long after the restoration has been completed. As a result, even after spending so much money on the house, you still cannot manage to live in peace, simply because of these pests.

6. Replacing the Doors and Windows

Replace the doors and windows even if they look perfectly fine. The strains and tears on the doors and windows of old houses will not reveal themselves at first. However, after you move in and start living there, the signs will be more apparent to you. Hence, it is wise to just get rid of them during the renovation job instead of waiting for them to fall off their hinges.

By keeping these points in mind, you will be able to restore any old house and make it look as good as new. You will also be able to ensure its integrity in terms of both design and functionality.

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