5 Tree Removal Tips Every Homeowner Should Know


Trees are always nice to have in any yard. In fact, if you have one in yours, you have to consider yourself lucky. Not only do trees provide shade and fresh air, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing.

Like other plants, however, trees also have to be maintained well. Because of their size and the dangers they can bring, it may take a lot more effort to care for your trees. Then, once they’re dead and become a hazard to your home and your neighbors, it’s time for a tree removal.

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1. Secure A Permit To Cut Down The Tree

The first tip you have to follow is to ensure you’re able to comply with all the legal requirements, if any, to cut down a tree. These requirements depend on factors like where you’re from, and what type of tree you intend to cut down or remove.

You see, there are some trees that are protected by law, so you can’t just take them down anytime as you please. To avoidlegal repercussions simply because of cutting a tree, it’s always a prudent step to check the requirements in your local government first.

2. Tree Removal Should Always Be A Last Resort

You can’t just remove a tree from your yard without any valid reason. It should be the last resort, which means all other options have already been exhausted, but you’re still left with no other choice but to cut down the tree. Remember that trees that are well-cared for help preserve the environment around where you leave, provide clean oxygen to breathe, and beautify your area, too.

So, before fully deciding on whether or not a tree removal is really called for, give an expert provider of professional tree services a ring. They’re arborists who can help you decide whether or not tree removal is the solution, or a tree cutting or trimming will do for now.

3. Call For Professional Opinion

Man in safety harnesses and helmet cuts down large tree sections

The second tip above brings you to this third tip, which is making it a point to call for professional opinion. If you absolutely have no background or idea on how to cut trees, the better route to take is always to call for professional opinion. Leave this delicate task in the hands of the experts who can do a much better job at removing the tree than you can.

A certified and professional tree removal company is going to visit your property and examine the tree before it’s removed. This step is very important to determine the tree’s age, length, width, and layout, ahead of time. Remember that cutting a young tree is also a lot different than cutting an old tree. So, you have to take those differences into consideration.

4. Measure The Tree’s Height

Measuring the tree’s height is an important step to guarantee safety. A professional tree removal company can give you an approximate measurement even for trees that are fairly large. This can give you an idea as to whether or not the tree’s height, when it topples over, might cause damage to your or your neighbor’s property.

If the latter holds true, you can make the necessary adjustments to cut the tree into portions first, to avoid damaging anyone’s property. Moreover, you can also inform your neighbors ahead of time regarding your tree removal schedule. That way, your neighbors can also take extra precautions, like parking their car elsewhere and keeping their children out of their lawn, while your tree removal is ongoing.

5. Always Include Stump Removal

The stump refers to that small part of the trunk left, usually a few inches off the ground level, which still holds the tree’s roots. If you don’t ask for a stump removal service on top of the tree removal itself, many tree removal companies won’t remove that stump.

While not necessary, it’s still the better route to take to have the stump removed. First, it’s an eye sore in your lawn. Second, it may also be an accident hazard especially when you still have young children playing in your lawn regularly.


While trees are nice to have in a yard, they also need a lot of TLC and attention. Then, as your trees age, they’ll also eventually succumb to their own death. Ancient and dying trees, while still beautiful, are now also a hazard to your home and those around you. This situation calls for a tree removal. Because tree removal is a highly specialized activity, it’s very important to leave this in the hands of the experts. By doing so, you’re guaranteed a safe, efficient, and accurate job of removing the dead tree in your yard.

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