5 Things To Consider When Renovating A Pool

Every property owner desires to have an appealing pool. It is always a fulfilling moment when wow is the first word guests speed when they get near it. The pool becomes an excellent place to spend memorable moments, particularly during the summer. However, the look does not last forever. The pool will wear out and require some renovations.

Renovating a pool is not a quick-fix project. It requires proper planning and thinking. Sometimes, a replacement can be the better option. Repairing may not resolve the current issues. In this essence, it is crucial to consider several aspects before initiating the project. Here are five things you should always consider when renovating your pool:

Nature of updates needed

When planning pool renovations, it is crucial to understand the nature of the updates required. You need to know what you want to be fixed, changed, or added. Are you looking to change its shape? Do you want to add a pool decker? Are you seeking to move from concrete to tile pool floors? 

You need to answer these questions before initiating your project. Essentially, you must have a clear idea of the renovation results. Having this information will be important in your budgeting, planning, and hiring of a contractor.    

Renovation cost 

Certainly, different renovation needs and upgrades attract varying costs. For instance, a pool that requires an overall floor replacement will cost more than one needing simple repairs and cleaning. 

Also, a change in design will attract several add-ons which you need to consider in your budget. A renovation that adds pool rails, fire features, LED lights, and water features will require you to dig deeper into your pocket. 

If you do not consider your renovation costs, you are likely to underestimate your budget. This aspect can lead to poor results or failed renovation projects. So, it is vital to consider the costs of your remodeling project to help you make informed planning and budgetary decisions. 

The current season 

One mistake many property owners make is failing to consider the prevailing season. Not every season is best for renovating your pool. You will find people rushing to fix their pools when summer is knocking. Others rush to do it during the fall. Making such mistakes can compromise your efforts. 

Before deciding to start a pool renovation project, season considerations should be a priority. It would be best if you renovated the pool during spring before summer kicks in. this step will ensure that you do not miss an opportunity to enjoy an incredible moment on the pool during the hot season. 

Also, many pool renovators are busy during the summer season. In case you get one, you will spend a lot of cash, considering it is peak season. The results might not be unique as they are likely to do it in a hurry. Going for renovations during off-peak seasons, such as winter and spring, would be the best idea. So, ensure you do your renovation at the right time to avoid the frustration and disappointment of the last-minute rush.

The renovation contractor selection

A pool renovation should be a serious project. Opting for shortcuts can offer poor and disappointing results. One way you can avoid this is by practically selecting a renovation contractor. Do not pick anyone who claims to offer pool updates and upgrade services. 

Instead, have a list of such contractors in your area. Assess each of them based on their reputation, experience, cost, and required time. Also, request references and ask all necessary questions. Do not rush to make decisions based on market hype. 

Remember, costs are essential but do not match value and quality. So, ensure the renovation contractor you will engage will deliver the expected results on time and within your budgetary limits.  

Intended activities 

A pool can serve different purposes. You might be seeking a pool for swimming or holding other water activities. The design of your pool should match the intended activities. A pool for water games and pool parties would not have the same features as one for swimming and relaxing. 

Their context, shape, and features will also be different. As such, you must consider these aspects as you plan renovations to ensure it will have the needed features for its purpose. 

As you can see, pool renovation requires better planning. It is not an easy-fix project. You need to consider the budgetary requirements, personal needs, and purposes. Also, you must consider the weather and the person you contract to do the job. Ignoring these aspects can lead to regrettable results and financial losses.