5 Most Overlooked Areas in Your House

Even if you are regularly cleaning your home, you have probably overlooked some places once or twice. Unfortunately, according to the experts at Kitchen Renovation Franchise, many bacteria and insects only wait for this chance to create a safe haven for themselves. After that, it can be hard to convince them they should leave your home.

Keeping your house 100% clean might seem like an incredibly challenging goal. After all, how many times have you noticed just one or two days after cleaning it that it was dirty again? Nonetheless, it would help if you still kept it as clean as possible.

With this in mind, we created a list of places that are most overlooked in every home, yours included. If you wish to clean all the tricky spots in your house and prevent mildew or dust, read on.

Inside Your Oven

Though keeping the inside of your oven clean might not be particularly easy, there are some practical solutions that can help you keep your oven clean. You can use a piece of charcoal to absorb the unpleasant smell in your oven. You can also mix some baking soda and water and put it inside your oven to soak unpleasant odors overnight.

The Wall Behind the Stove and Sink

These areas are among the dirtiest places in your kitchen because they are also the most vulnerable ones: They are constantly exposed to food particles and grease. In order to prevent this buildup of dirt, you should use cleaning products designed for the kitchen like those discussed above. The cleaning process isn’t overly complicated but requires proper cleaning products.

The Bottom of Your Toilet Bowl

As soon as you notice that your toilet doesn’t flush properly, try to fix it before things get worse. Yet, even if you follow this advice, you should always try to clean the bottom of your toilet bowl regularly. You have probably seen those pesky mold spots on it and the grime left from years of use. If this area is rarely cleaned or not at all, it will only get worse over time, especially with regards to odor. For this reason, you could try cleaning it with bleach immediately after use. Don’t worry about it smelling bad! It won’t take long for the bleach smell to fade away.

In-Between Your Keys on a Keyboard

Keyboards are probably one of the dirtiest items in any home or office, even if you always clean them regularly. For instance, whenever someone coughs in your office or sneezes in a coffee shop where you work using your laptop, they will leave their germs on your hands.

Because of that, you should dip a washcloth into a nail polish remover and rub gently for maximum efficiency in order to remove these germs. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to always disinfect your keyboard if you’ve just been sick.

The Grill Inside Your Refrigerator

This place is often forgotten by homeowners but it’s still very important because it will play a major role in keeping your food fresh for longer. Do you know the unpleasant smell that appears whenever you reach inside your fridge to get some milk? It usually comes from mold and bacteria on the grill. To prevent such bad odors and to keep your home smelling fresh, clean the grill along with the rest of the fridge.

When Cleanliness Matters

The dust settles on furniture, cupboards, drawers, and other items that haven’t been cleaned for weeks or months. As a result, dust is responsible for trapping moisture because it is so fine in texture. In addition, the dust will collect any food particles until it looks like small pieces of paper rather than small breadcrumbs or cereal flakes. From there, these crumbs are repeatedly transferred around your house by people walking or touching objects with their fingers, like phone books, weather reports, and receipts for example.

Moreover, these conditions produce musty odors and can create an environment in which mildew can easily thrive to spread its spores in every corner of your home! However, this unpleasant scenario can be prevented if you remember to clean your home regularly.

Your home is your castle and should be as pleasant as possible at all times. Whenever you leave the door open to add some fresh air, you are letting dirt into your home. Before long, watching TV, reading, or doing anything else will become an unpleasant experience. In order to avoid such inconveniences, try not to forget about cleaning your home once in a while.