A Basic Guide To Spring Cleaning Around Your Home


The best way to welcome Spring season is by giving your home a fresh, clean look! The Spring cleaning tradition is famous for a reason. For one, it allows homeowners to thoroughly deep clean their homes, which connects to the meaning of Spring–new beginnings. It’s the perfect time for you to clean all those corners, upcycle or throw away old pieces of furniture, and rearrange the look of your home.

Here’s a guide to help you get through your Spring cleaning journey:

1. Where To Start

Start your plans by building a checklist. List down all the necessary areas you should tackle, the materials you need, the things you don’t need in the house anymore, and what your home currently needs for the Spring season.

It’s also best to list down the furniture or decorative pieces you’re planning to throw out. If you’re from the St. Kilda area and you need extra help throwing out heavy things, take a look here.

By creating a checklist, you ensure that you don’t forget any essentials for your plans. However, if you want perfect and professional cleaning services, ask for help from the trusted experts such as Fabulously Clean.

2. Erase The Winter Tracks

The next step is to clean out your home from any winter residues. For instance, clean your fireplaces by storing the unused wood properly and cleaning off the pile of ashes it left on your fireplaces and nearby areas. You can also start cleaning your windows and glass doors by wiping off any moisture or wet spots from the melted snow. Doing so can help brighten up your space as it allows the sun to enter your space better.

3. Clean The Entryway

Clean your entryway by putting away the cluttered shoes, changing your hanged jackets from winter jackets to lighter ones that are perfect for the new season, change the doormat, and sweeping the floors for a new, polished look. You can also mop the floors for extra cleaning.

4. Tackle All Spots

Cleaning even the overlooked spots is essential to Spring cleaning. Clean your baseboards, blinds, and walls to give them a cleaner, shinier finish. You can use a sponge with dishwashing liquid that’s soaked in warm water.

With this method, you can easily clean off the dust, spiderwebs, and other kinds of dirt stuck in your wall. Make sure to wipe and dry the areas afterwards.

5. Deep Clean The Kitchen

Moving to the kitchen, clean out your pantry and remove all the empty containers to wash them. Replenish your pantry with all the necessary items and organize them properly.

Next, deep clean your appliances. Take everything out from your refrigerator so you can wash it outside and don’t forget to deep clean your oven as well from any baking or cooking residue.

Don’t forget to wash all the dishes, go over your kitchen counters, and vacuum the floor to remove any dirt.

6. Open Up The Living Space

Give your living space a fresh look by changing the pillowcases, steam vacuuming your carpets and couches to remove any stains, and rearranging the decor pieces In the room. Remove dust from all fixtures, decorations, furniture, and lampshade to make them look new again.

If you have any chunky blankets in the living area, it’s the best time to wash them and store them for the next winter season.

7. Fresh New Sheets

One of the best things about cleaning is the experience of putting on fresh new sheets for your bed. To complement the new season, you can also use spring colours for your linens.

Don’t forget to vacuum your mattress to remove any dust mites and clean your carpet as well. Purge anything on your bedroom that you don’t need anymore, which can be worn-out pillows, old clothes, random trinkets stored under your bed, and any other pieces that make your room unnecessarily cluttered.

8. Don’t Forget The Bathroom

Remember to clean your bathroom, too! Replenish your toiletries, change the towels and shower curtain, wash your bathmats, and give it a new look by replacing some of the decorative items (if you have them). If your shower is quite old, maybe it’s the perfect time to change that as well.

Once you’re all done with cleaning, sort out what you need and what you don’t need. If you have to throw out old pieces of furniture, do it! It might help open up your space even more. If there’s too much garbage for you to throw out, you can look for garbage removal services to help.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to know the basics! Follow this guide to have a stress-free and quicker Spring-cleaning experience around your home.

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