5 Most Common Air Conditioner Types For Home And Office Interior


The process of removing heat and moisture from the interior is what is known as air conditioning. It is commonly used to improve or create a comfortable environment for the occupants. There are several varieties of air conditioners in the market today. Some of the most common ones found in homes and offices include; portable air conditioners, ceiling air conditioners, window air conditioners, wall air conditioners, and floor mounted air conditioners. Picking a system also requires one to sign up for Green Street HVAC maintenance plans in order to extend the lifespan of the machine.

Portable air conditioners

These units are smaller in size, are easy to carry and to install. They just sit on the floor and do not need special mounting just like a portable air cooler. Portable air conditioners come with a window kit and a flexible air pipe of about 5 inches wide and 2-3 meters long, which is routed through a window or small opening in the wall. The air conditioner releases hot air through this pipe. These conditioners are quite noisy because the compressor is located inside the unit. Though they have a limited capacity, portable air conditioners are relatively cheaper to buy and require no installation. Some models have wheels for a more tranquil moment. Portable air conditioners are best suited for single rooms, cabins, and cars because of their limited cooling capacity. They are relatively cheaper to buy and to maintain and are an excellent alternative to the window ACs.

Ceiling air conditioners

There are two types of ceiling air conditioners; ceiling cassette air conditioner and under a ceiling air conditioner.

The ceiling cassette air conditioner, also known as a cartridge air conditioner is great in offices with suspended ceilings. When mounted, the only visible part is the decorative inlet grille and four edge outlet louvers, but the rest of the unit remains hidden above the ceiling line. Ceiling cassette air conditioners can effectively perform the same job as 3 or 4 walls mounted units because they are centrally mounted.

The under-ceiling air conditioner is commonly used in spaces that have no suspended ceiling to install a cassette but have sufficient ceiling height to suspend an under-ceiling unit. They are designed to lift air vertically into the gadget and discharge treated air along with the ceiling. The vertical motion of discharged air avoids direct contact on the occupants.

Window air conditioners

A window air conditioner is also known as a room air conditioner is the purest form of AC systems, and is mounted on windows or walls. The primary type can only cool the air, but the more advanced ones have a heat pump mode and are controlled by remote control, a touch panel with a digital display. It is designed as a single unit with all the components assembled in a casing. It is an excellent climate solution to consider as both heating and cooling to your room. In the event of either a broken down or absence of a central unit, the window ACs efficiently deliver indoor air cooling and heating. Window air conditioners are most familiar in the apartment and offices. They are cheaper and accessible, cost less to maintain, and do not require installations.

Wall-mounted air conditioners

Wall-mounted air conditioner (also known as a through –the- wall air AC, wall AS, or wall sleeve AC) is installed into the wall of a building. One side is exposed to the indoor and the other side to the exterior outdoor space. A wall-mounted air conditioner is an excellent option for building plans that do not permit the installation of an external condenser unit. Wall-mounted and window AC has a striking resemblance in both appearance and concept, and some models are used for both. The difference between a window AC and a Wall-mounted AC is that the latter releases warm exhaust at the back and on their sides. Wall Ac is designed to be completely embedded into a wall and to release the warm heat out of the backside of the unit. They are fitted with a heat pump so that air can be heated in winter and cooled in summer.

Floor mounted air conditioners

Floor mounted air conditioners are similar to storage heaters in appearance and size. They are installed against the wall and stand on the floor usually have two air pipes that lead directly from the back of the unit through the wall where the heat is rejected through a vapor compression cycle. The cooling capacity of floor-mounted ACs depends on the model; the inverter type is more expensive but has a higher performance than the non-inverter type. Floor mounted air conditioners are mostly used in restaurants, halls, data centers, and other similar open spaces.

When considering building new office space or moving to new office space, having the right air conditioning has to be a significant part of your decision criteria.

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