5 Italian Pieces Of Furnishings You Must Own


Italian artists have been heralded for their high-quality craftsmanship. Italian furniture has been influenced by Roman and Greek art; it carries an air of fantasy with it. Inspired by the magnificent baroque and rococo patterns, it combines antique art and modern functionality. The intense focus that Italian furniture designers place on even the smallest details makes each piece a work of art.

Bring a piece of art into your home with these 5 Italian furniture pieces:


Give your living room a taste of Italy with a plush sofa. It is the main piece of furniture, so a good deal of thought has to be invested before deciding on the design. The wall color, the space, and the décor, all need to be factored in. Also, Italian sofa designs easily blend in with any type – Oriental, Victorian or modern. Anima Domus is an Italian furniture brand and has a wide array of sofa designs to choose from. Check out their range of Aida sofa, which is available in multiple configurations with your choice of leather upholstery.

Coffee Table

A simple yet stunning coffee table can add glamor to any space, be it living area or bedroom or terrace garden. It is the centerpiece in any house. Italian coffee tables feature slender metal legs to hold the beautiful round top. Wooden coffee tables with antique motifs of animals and sun inspire a vintage touch. A metal top coffee table where the top can be picked up and used as a large tray is not only a versatile piece of furniture but also super trendy.

Lounge Chair

A comfortable lounge chair is a must in a living area or a bedroom. When you just want to curl up in the afternoons with a book and coffee, a cozy lounge chair designed with fluffy upholstery and a metal frame can be a pretty addition to any space. The gently curved back and plush seat cushion inspire comfort. A lounge chair with a piece of jewel-toned velvet fabric and metal finish legs look creative, neat and display-worthy all at the same time.


A pouf or an ottoman spells luxury and comfort, covered in rich fabrics like leather and velvet. Get yourself a king-like feel in your very own kingdom with an ottoman to put your feet up and let your hair down. When you get home after a tiring day at work, you can rest your legs on a comfortable Italian ottoman. You deserve this little piece of royalty! Check out the Anima Domus’s Alcide leather pouf by a renowned Italian furniture designer. Porada features delicate tufted or capitonné detail. Available in a multitude of fabrics or leather.

Floor Lamp

The Italian furnishings are incomplete without an artistic lamp. Highlight a corner with a curved floor lamp providing direct and indirect light, which features a sturdy marble base that supports a spun aluminum reflector via a stainless-steel adjustable stem. Sleek straight floor lamps make the corner look very organized and sorted so you could think of it for your office space or a living room. Such articles leave more space for other furnishings.


The right combination of Italian furnishing with a pre-decided color palette will make your space look extravagant, stylish and reflect your personal style. Isn’t that all you want? So, make a mental map to pan out the placement of each piece before you set your heart on some gorgeous furniture.

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