5 ISPs with the Highest Customer Satisfaction rankings


There are thousands of internet service providers offering different features designed to meet the goals and budgets of everyone. This needs some study and analysis before you determine which ISP you want to pick. Not just this, but many considerations have to be taken into consideration when picking an ISP. One of the most significant factors is the best customer support offered by ISP. Below, with respect to customer service, let’s look at the top five ISPs in terms of speed, prices, and data limits.


If you are tired of slow internet speeds and sick of paying high bills, consider Spectrum as your best therapy. It starts with a basic 100 Mbps plan, beginning at only $44.99 in most states. Depending on your needs, speed can be enhanced to 400Mbps or as high as 940Mbps if your family members do streaming and play online games simultaneously. It is most famous in the United States because of no data caps policy, and no throttling. There are a number of packages tailored to suit the needs of any family at reasonable rates. Without ignoring the harsh reality, that it is a big challenge to seek help from your ISPs regarding internet issues, Spectrum customer service is very satisfactory in terms of providing prompt actions. For instance, if you call the spectrum phone number you will see how their highly trained reps take care of your queries expertly and professionally, without putting you in long holds.


In more than 41 states throughout the United States, Xfinity has the largest amount of customers and coverage. It provides high speeds of up to 2Gbps and a range of packages for all needs. It offers the option to combine broadband web, cable, home phone, and even home security from the basic Internet to complete bundling options. It even offers the customers to miss some type of arrangement or deal if a client is unsure of long-term contractual commitments. Furthermore, via the Xfinity Wifi app, all consumers can connect thousands of wireless hotspots around the country. Besides, it has a large team that gives all sorts of assistance to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


AT&T is one of the oldest American telecommunications companies that keeps things simple with three basic plans: 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps. The two fastest AT&T Internet infrastructures uses fiber, while the 1Gbps plan contains unlimited data. It also has a cheaper 5Mbps plan to entertain low-income people. It also allows customers to access thousands of hotspots while you pay for their home internet. According to the ACSI (American Consumer Satisfaction Index), the AT&T customer service was rated 62 out of 100, rendering it far higher than many ISPs.


CenturyLink is a DSL internet provider with fiber lines ranging from 15 to 100 Mbps and up to 1000 Mbps. It may be described as the best option for people seeking fast fiber speeds at relatively low prices and TV enthusiasts wanting a reliable connection. Most of the Internet plans are set to a generous 1 TB data limit. The most surprising catch for CenturyLink is that the prices are the same for the range of speeds between 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps, everything depends on your luck in where you live and how much speed you get there. The benefits do not stop here, they don’t even let you sign any contract that implies you can use their services for as long as you want and may duck out anytime you feel like, without worrying about early termination fees.


An array of internet packages by Cox makes it a bit more complicated than others. It begins at $29.99 a month for 10 Mbps and can reach a maximum of $99.99 for 1 Gbps. However, availability is a major concern, as it is available only in 18 States. Prices are considered reasonable. The data is limited to 1024 GB in most internet bundles. The ACSI report has seen a rising trend, which is an indication of the improvements in customer support.


Customer service forms the backbone of every profitable business and is the only field in which the organization of the same products is differentiated from other businesses. To assist you in choosing a new Internet provider, we have mentioned some of the ISPs with the most effective customer service.

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