5 Best Designs for Your Concrete Patios


Every home deserves a beautifully designed patio. With that, you’ll always see luxury homes with chateau-like front yards and concrete patio Orange County, CA gardens. These are often found among Greater Cali historic houses, which preserved old antique structures like concrete columns, massive marbled hallways, and concrete exterior floors.

You’ll know these types of homes once you see concrete patios adorned with their facades. Making a massive traditional stand out is tricky. If you are not careful, you may end up with haunted mansions instead of luxe classic-modern villas.

You can facelift your homes by redesigning the outdoor living rooms. Get inspired from today’s post. You’ll be touring from Eastern Asia to Old Spanish homes to design your patios.

1. Spanish Style Patios

The first stop, the Spanish coast. May you be reminded of the warm and sultry vibe of the Latin regions when you design your patios with redwoods and warm colors.

Applied on bulky furniture. Spanish villas utilize most wooden and earthy elements, like wicker baskets for chairs, large earthen flower pots, and vintage polished concrete floors.

The sofas are lovely items to include in your patio design. What works best for the flooring in these areas are the staining patterns that add a traditional feel—next, furniture. To make it look like a true-blue Spanish Villa, use white colors for the accents, such as throw pillows or outdoor rugs. And finally, turn on the lights that will set the mood for a pleasant tone-down festive mood on the patio. The reflecting yellow dim lights will perfectly jive when you start playing Spanish guitar music in the background.

2. Sun Soaked Dessert Patio Design

Next up. Get the patios soaked under the sun and create a dessert motif in your patios. If you’re in the Sunshine state and near the Mexico area, you know how the sun can be a friend and an enemy.

Your patio floors could look great soaked under the sun, especially if you got stamped concrete base for that. Make your outdoor floors friends with this by finishing the stamped floors with acrylic coating, making the surface heat and UV ray stable.

3. Eccentric Asia Designs

Patios are definitely not common among conventional Asian homes. However, you can take inspiration from their cultures and patterns that dominate sn Asian culture aesthetic. Add pebbled flooring centerpiece. Surround it with solid polished concrete flooring to make it adapt to various forms and accents. This setup will remind you of Zen gardens.

Asia will also take you to tropical settings. Add a water sculpture on one corner and a fire pit on the other end. So, surrounding yourself with tropical plants ornaments will give you bliss.

Go eccentric with using contrasting colors. A nice polished grey outdoor floor will go well with brass-colored furniture. Then finish up the lounging chairs with Mongolian-inspired chairs and Batik-covers and pillows. Partner that with Turkish patterned pillowcase

4. Mid-Western Design

Midwest style is pretty straightforward. No elaborate patterns are needed. A slate tile or slate cut stamping on the patio floor will suffice. A small center fire-pit piece to add warmth on cold nights will be a lovely accent. Especially when not in use and the firewoods become a fine piece of attraction. Include DIY wooden chairs. Hardwood armchairs and benches must be finished with an undone look.

Keep the patterns and other decor light and simple. Midwestern designs should make you feel laidback but fulfilled. That is a pleasant mood to have perfect on the patios.

5. Scandi and Chic Design

Think of the popular culture. Nowadays, Scandinavian-inspired colors, patterns, and materials are dominating the world. Whitewashed or acid-stained floors create an ironically perfect scene with a pop art mood and bright electro colors.

One example is the patio designs by Reynold Sebastiani on their web interface. It combined a practical use of whitewashed rustic benches, covered by modern techno-colored pillows and foam on top.

The floors kept their scandi style white sandy beach vibe. That gives you both the energy and chill vibe. This patio design is also perfect if you got a swimming pool nearby. Having those two stations transition seamlessly is chic. So, use this theme if you want the outdoor spaces in your residential and commercial areas to look catchy but coherent.

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