4 ways I slashed the cost of my wedding


When we think about those “big purchases” in life, many of us think of buying a house, a car and so on.

A wedding usually doesn’t fall into this category. The thing is – it really should.

This is something that can escalate in price pretty quickly. As I write this, I’ve found that the typical big day will set couples back by an estimated £30k by current standards. Suffice to say, it’s a HUGE figure.

There are ways to manage this cost better though and fortunately, I can relay this through personal experience. Here are some of the best tactics I found that really did slash my wedding cost. And if you want great bali wedding packages, click the given link. 

I didn’t have a weekend wedding

This was perhaps one of the most surprising elements for me. Whilst growing up, I can’t remember a time where I have gone to a wedding on a weekday. As it turns out, all those couples I witnessed tying the knot were missing a monumental trick.

A lot of the venues I looked at were charging around 20% more for a Friday or Saturday wedding. As such, I opted for a Thursday. Sure, guests had to take a day off work, but the cost savings here were significant. Also, I found that other suppliers were jumping at the chance to be used (and sometimes offering discounts). In short, they’re just not used to it, and it means that their lucrative weekend dates are kept free.

I opted for the DIY flower approach

No, I didn’t grow my own flowers – I wouldn’t have had a clue on how to do that!

However, I didn’t use a traditional florist, so to speak. I just couldn’t stomach paying for their services, so I picked my flowers myself from Avas Flowers, and took care of the arranging. The Avas Flowers Instagram page helped me a lot here, while I was also lucky to find a few Avas Flowers coupons to help me along the way. Sure, there are other suppliers out there, but for the purposes of saving money on a traditional florist Avas Flowers ticked all the boxes.

I didn’t have a DJ

Nowadays, I don’t see the point. We’re in the era of Spotify people, and I’m not the type of person who looks into the finer details of tracks being mixed properly or not.

As such, I relied on a playlist and a speaker. It shaved hundreds from my final bill, so I’m completely happy with this move.

I used my ‘own’ transport

I was pretty lucky with this final point and I appreciate that not everyone will fall into this category. Again, hiring a fancy car is great for photos and in an ideal, money-free world, I would 100% go down this route.

Unfortunately, I was on a budget. The good news is that my uncle owns a rather nice Mercedes S Class – and he was completely happy to offer his services. I added a ribbon to the front of the vehicle and in truth, those guests who didn’t know my uncle didn’t even realize!

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