4 Things to Look For Before Buying a Newly Built Home

Today’s market is filled with newly built homes that promise an affordable way to buy the house of our dreams. But before you jump at the chance to live in a brand new home, there are some important things you need to look out for. We recommend doing four things when looking to buy a newly built home.

Check The Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC Systems

Before you make any final decisions before buying that newly constructed apartment, it’s important to do some investigating. Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems need to work correctly for your family’s comfort and safety, so take a few extra minutes now and look into these three things:

  • Leaks: Check for leaks around pipes or faucets; these leaks can cause mold growth as well as unnecessary water damage over time if left unchecked.
  • Pressure: Make sure there isn’t too much pressure being applied by running hot water or turning up the heat during heavy use periods like weekends or holidays. This will prevent burst pipes from happening too soon after moving into your new home!
  • Insulation: Ensure insulation provides enough protection against extreme temperatures, so no one gets cold feet (literally) during the winter months.

New construction inspections are perfect for you if you’re confused or overwhelmed about these checkups. You will easily find any hidden issues that experts can easily identify. The inspection will check the quality of construction and the systems installed and save you any surprise expenses after paying for the house.

Know About Warranties

The warranty is a written statement of goods, labor, and materials the builder covers for their duration. It would help if you asked about the length of time a warranty covers your home and what it covers.

Moreover, inquire about the cost of claiming the warranty program. Most builders provide detailed information on this subject, but it can vary from one type of home building to another.

For example, some builders may require you to pay an administration fee before they process any claims, while others will absorb this cost in their regular fees charged for building a home with them.

Get An Home Inspection

When buying a newly built home, it’s important to get an inspection. An inspection is a professional evaluation of the home’s structure, electrical and mechanical systems, and more. Homeowners hire Home inspectors to inspect homes before they move in or sell them. It would help if you looked for someone with experience inspecting newly constructed houses because this expertise isn’t very common.

New construction inspections are also good insurance if you later discover that there were problems with the construction of your house that weren’t identified during construction. You could use it as leverage in negotiating with the builder on repairs or replacements.

Ask About The Developer’s & Builder’s Track Record

The developer might be a large conglomerate with a reputation for building safe communities. It could also be a small local firm with fewer resources but far more creativity and innovation.

Similarly, some builders have stellar reputations, while others have been known to cut corners when it comes time to build your new house. It pays to determine which category both parties fall into before signing any dotted lines or writing out checks for earnest money deposits!


You can learn more about each of these points and what to look for in general by consulting a professional who knows their stuff. Just remember, if you’re not happy with what they tell you, keep looking until you find someone who will listen and help ensure your home is perfect!