4 Crucial Reasons Why Shotguns are Good for Survival


A shotgun is a valuable tool that should be in everyone’s survival tool kit. It’s important for your home protection. 

Reports show that Canadians use firearms 60,000 to 80,000 times yearly for protection. 

So, why use a shotgun for your home defense? 

Shotguns have been around for many years and are effective for home protection. Pulling a trigger once releases multiple projectiles, making it hard for a violent attacker in your home to continue attacking. 

After an attacker is hit closely with backshots, the fight is likely to end quickly. Here are more reasons why a shotgun is good for survival.

1. A Shotgun is Reliable

Shotguns are reliable. Even the most inexperienced user can take down a home intruder using a shotgun. It’s easy to learn and use, and you require little skill to be effective. That’s why people have used shotguns for hunting, recreation, and self-defense for many years. 

Whether you prefer a pump, double barrel, or semi-automatic shotgun, you will always have a reliable tool. Shotguns from leading brands within the global market are relevant to your home defense needs. When using your shotgun, you can find unlimited help from your local retailer. 

If you are buying your first shotgun, you can be sure to pass it down through generations. Make sure you know how to use and maintain it well so you can rely on it to serve you longer.

 2. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Shotguns are easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning your shotgun ensures it stays rust-free in the storage area. It also ensures there’s no buildup of harmful deposits on the wall, so it can serve you well. 

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, it’s important to clean your shotgun regularly. Cleaning your shotgun is a DIY procedure that takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to disassemble and clean. 

If you need a professional to check and clean your shotgun, you can reach out to a gunsmith in your area.  

3. Shotguns are Versatile

A shotgun is a tool you can use for shooting as a hobby, hunting, or home defense. There are several options and multiple ammunition for each situation. 

If you need a shotgun for home defense, you can choose non-lethal rounds, slugs, buckshot, or birdshot to bring down an intruder. 

Another use for shotguns is target shooting and hunting. If you have land and clay targets, you can enjoy your target shooting hobby. 

4. Shotguns are Affordable

An affordable option for your home protection is the shotgun. Many affordable and effective brands will deal with any survival situation you face

Shotguns are low-pressure and don’t need complicated or expensive locking mechanisms. This makes them more affordable. 

The ammunition is also affordable, and you can choose the type that fits your shotgun. Affordability and effectiveness make a shotgun a good tool for survival.

A shotgun is a great tool to have for your home defense. If there’s an intruder in your home, the first step is to call 911 for help. Having a shotgun can also be ideal, depending on the situation. 

Shotguns are available in different sizes and customizable to suit home defense situations. They are also versatile tools in your survival tool kit that you can pass down to the next generation.

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