3 Best Places To Style Your Home With A Ping Pong Table


Deciding to get a ping pong table is half the battle, the other half is knowing where to put it. The largest part of this is getting the measurements of table tennis equipment right. In most homes, there aren’t a lot of options here. You may have a basement, a backyard, perhaps a pool, or a bedroom with space that needs to be filled with fun. You may have more options than you think.

Getting the measurements right can give you a better idea of where to put it.  You may also need to move some things around.

Before you purchase your ping pong table, walk around your home and take a look at the spaces that you have available.

Be creative and inspired, and reconfigure the look of every room in your mind before you decide your options on where you can put it.

Get the measurements of every space, and then, take your measurements shopping with you.

Here are some ideas on the best places to put your ping pong table while you are running your wheels of inspiration.

Basement — Where There is Space

The basement is a common area for a recreational room or family room and is a popular place to put a ping pong table. The main reason for this is space. It is typically the most versatile room in the home when it comes to moving things around to make room for something, and it also offers an entire floor of space that can be used effectively.

For the average ping pong table or table tennis top, you are looking at 2.74 meters or 8.98 feet for length, and 1.525 meters or 5.003 feet for width.

Additionally, you need to make enough room for the sides and back of the table so that you and your competitors can move around easily.

A good rule of thumb to have is to have four steps in the back or behind both ends of the table and to provide for approximately two steps on either side. This leaves a tight space, so more is better.

Backyard and Wide Open Spaces

The backyard is an ideal location for a ping pong table, as it offers you more options when it comes to the space you need to accommodate the size of a ping pong table. Beside a pool is a nice location as well, if you want to create an outdoor recreational space for an active lifestyle.

The backyard works for ping pong tables in any climate. Of course, seasonal climates can manage a ping pong table or tennis table top. There are many varieties of table tennis tops that can withstand seasonal weather, even in the spring and summer. A wide range of all-weather table tennis tops are available.

Fireplace and Flooring Considerations

Fireplaces are another area that are popular open spaces to put a ping pong table near. A fireplace by nature is meant to have a wide-open space around it, and it should accommodate your ping-pong table just fine. There are some things you need to keep in mind when you are putting your ping pong table near a fireplace, with flooring being a primary concern.

You want the flooring around your fireplace to be either laminate or wood floor. A carpeted floor is not the most ideal, or most safe for ping pong table playing. It can become worn very easily and is also easy to trip on when you are trying to make a fast move from one end of the table to the other. If you must play on a carpet, a thin carpet is going to be the safest. You can also put mats down on the carpeting in order to protect the carpeting around the ping pong table.

Select the Right Ping Pong Table Location

Choosing the right ping pong table is a lot of fun, but choosing its location can be a real chore. Taking the measurements of your rooms or backyard space is the key to your success here.

When you know exactly what space you have to work with, you will know what space requirements you need for the ping pong table of your choice.

Then, the only thing you have left is to buy the perfect table and enjoy it in your bedroom, basement, by a cozy fireplace, or in your backyard space for outdoor living.


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