Your Must-Have Window Washing Tools


Washing windows is not an easy task, so choosing the right tool for this job is preferable. The finer details of your house will be lost if the windows are not properly washed.

In the case of a professional window washer, washing windows is one of the most tedious tasks. It requires a lot of patience, and it will easily take an hour to wash all the windows in a standard-sized sedan. This article will describe how window washers can make washing windows easier with different tools that you could use for this job.

The Essential Window Washing Tools

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Using a bucket and sponge: This is still a common practice among many car owners worldwide. It has been used since time immemorial, and nothing beats this method for cleaning small areas such as door sills or side mirrors, for example. Using a spray bottle filled with a soap solution, you can put soapy water on your car’s paint for bigger areas.

Close-up cleaners: They’re made with a sponge on top of which metallic wire loops are placed; this allows removing all dirt particles stuck between them without scratches or breaks. Used close to edges, they allow cleaning every part of each pane.

Pinc like brushes: These tools clean the area just below the window frame and between panes perfectly. You can dip them in a solution or wipe them with a damp cotton ball to remove all dirt. You can also use a usual dishwashing liquid for this job – let it soak on the brush before using it.

Wet wipes: They’re better to be used when cleaning wooden windows where water is not recommended since wood tends to warp when in contact with water over time. For glassed windows, they don’t even need much effort from your side because they only take the dust off the screen surface. This method is perfect when you’ve got pets at home who tend to leave their hairs on screens after coming back from walks.

Dry microfiber cloths: Even if dry, these cloths can perfectly remove dust from windows because of microfiber. Users recommend sticking them on the frames while cleaning the panes – this way. You’ll save time and effort.

A water sprayer: This tool is perfect for washing plastic windows that are not meant to be wet with water. Fill it up with any powerful cleaner, give a round movement to the nozzle head when spraying your windowpane surface, then let dry.

An old toothbrush or other scrubbers: Some stubborn dirt particles will definitely need extra attention, so don’t hesitate to use an old toothbrush or even a nail brush. Remember that metal brushes aren’t suitable since they might scratch glass surfaces leaving damage traces. If you’ve got plastic windows at home, you can use a special window cleaner designed to clean light plastic surfaces without scratches.

A towel: You can leave a trick in your house too – use a towel for washing windows. It’s the simplest way to have them perfectly cleaned in just a couple of minutes.

A squeegee: After washing windows with a cloth, you can dip the squeegee in water and leave it for some minutes to load up. Remove all excess by wiping from top to bottom. If the window is dry, it’s time for this tool! Pull off as many drops as possible using a slow-motion from left to right or top to down.

A Few More Things…

If you’re going to use a ladder while working on your windows, make sure it’s steady and won’t tip over. Also, wear gloves when cleaning plastic panes since they may be difficult to handle.

Don’t force scrubbing brushes into glass surfaces – they might break if too much pressure is applied.

Finally, remember that you can always ask for help from your family members or friends if you’re unsure which tool is the most appropriate for your window panes.

Washing windows with water alone will only get you so far. With the right tools, however, your window washing experience can be much more enjoyable and efficient.

If you struggling to wash your windows, then we recommend speaking to a professional window washer ( They can provide you with the service you need.



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