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For some people it’s a hobby, while for some others it is a full-time job, for some people it comes so easy, while for some people it’s not exactly a cup of tea, that’s just the way woodworking is. Woodworking could be one of the most stressful yet profitable jobs a handyman can get acquainted with, but such a handyman needs the right tools lest he would be stressing himself or herself with things that can be avoided. As far as necessary tools go, few tools are necessary for the profession of woodworking as the renowned router tables. Router tables have been around for a minute, but it’s only now that they’ve been getting the plaudits they deserved for such a long time, and there’s no surprise about it, as when something is remotely useful in woodworking you’ll know in a jiffy. The router table makes the handyman’s job so much easier, and it’s no surprise to see the majority of top-notch woodworkers have such apparatuses in their workshops. 

So what’s the fuss about router tables anyway, why are they so revered in the industry, what are the benefits of running your job through it, and how do you even couple it? These are a few of the commonly asked questions that we would be answering here so that at the end of the day you’ll know why the router table deserves all the love. We will also be fixing into one of the best router tables around in the Incra router table, as we show you why it’s a brand for the ages. So without further ado, let’s get to analyzing one of science’s best gifts to woodworkers.

Why Have One in Your Workshop

A typical handyman’s workshop shouldn’t be crowded with a plethora of tools and equipment that he doesn’t use, and that’s why it’s pretty rare in this age and time to find a woodworker with a shop filled with debris and unused equipment just lying around. However, the router table doesn’t fall under any of the above-mentioned categories, as its usefulness is quite clear for all prospective users to see. There are some reasons why having router tables is super important in this decade, and some of them are:

1. Multi-purpose

They say versatility is the spice of woodworking, and I’ve hardly seen anything more true. Handymen and woodworkers around the world typically fall in love with machines and equipment like cnc routers that can perform more than one function, and this is one of the router table’s biggest selling points. You can use this table to get measurements, hold your woodwork in place, and also gauge whether you’re doing it right or otherwise. This is something that the regular human eye cannot perfectly master, so why won’t a serious woodworker fall in love with it at the first sight? Now all that’s left is to pick the brand of his or her choice, and get to saving!

2. Accuracy 

Measurements are one of the most important components of woodwork, it’s something that cannot be finessed, and if they didn’t stick then you’re certainly looking for a whole lot of trouble. As such any measuring gear is super welcome by a handyman, which is one of the main reasons for the router table getting so much love lately. The measurement accuracy is simply outstanding and nothing is left to chance. All you need to do is input the specifications, and you’ll most certainly get what you desire in record time. 

3. Durability

Another thing of significant importance in woodworking is durability, one of the things that you can’t avoid when purchasing a new “toy”. The typical router table is pretty durable, as it is reputed to be not just only long-lasting, but they turn out as good as new for years and sometimes even beyond that with little or no need for replacing small parts. That’s why the Incra router lift is one of our favorites from the stable, and we’ll show you why in just a bit.

Important Things to Look for in a Router Table

Gone are the days when only a few router tables existed, now just about every electrical or mechanical company has their custom-made router tables available. Most of them would do the job, while a couple might come off as cheap alternatives to the real thing, that’s why we will be detailing some things that are pretty essential to find before you spend your hard-earned money on a router table, we’ll be taking you through the motions, and by the time that we’re done, you’ll be in a better position to make a balanced decision. 

1. Sturdiness 

A router table needs to be sturdy first and foremost, it needs to be able to hold the wood in place, and that’s the only way you can enjoy this specialized tool. If the router table you plan on purchasing can’t guarantee this, then you should look for an alternative that can. It’s pretty easy to test the sturdiness of a router table in person, and if you aren’t buying it in person, you can easily know if it’s sturdy or not by checking out the customer reviews. Remember to be firm in your choices, as they’ll go a long way in backing up your craft. 

2. Compatibility

When buying a router table, it won’t be such a bad idea to ensure that they’re pretty compatible with the table you have in store. There are different tables for different routers and vice versa, so it would be pretty unfortunate to buy one that doesn’t fit the bill for what you have in your workshop. Take your time and pick one that is compatible, so that you’ll be getting your true money’s worth. 

3. Safety Features

What good is a woodwork tool if the said tool isn’t safe? That’s right, there’s absolutely no point in purchasing a tool that might send you to the hospital after your first few uses, and that’s something you must pay attention to when purchasing a router table. Ensure that all the safety features are intact, make sure that you observe all the necessary processes, and do not hesitate to ask how to keep yourself safe if you don’t know how to already. As they say, it’s better safe than sorry, and the only way you can enjoy your profession or hobby is if you aren’t in the hospital licking your wounds. 

4. Reliability

Reliability is a key feature that every woodworking tool needs and the router table are no different. The good thing is that the vast majority of router tables in circulation these days are quite reliable, and it’s up to you to make a decision. Ensure that you read online reviews, internet chatter, and if possible get a warranty for the router table of your choice, that way you’ll be in a better position just in case things go awry. So now that we’re done with that, let’s check out one of our personal favorites in the industry.

About the Incra Router Table

The Incra router table is one of the best router tables around, it ticks most of the boxes, and it offers you a little more than you bargained for. It is one of our favorite router tables for a couple of reasons, some of the reasons being Its incredible features and the long-term productivity it assures. Let’s show you some nice features that owning an Incra router table guarantees for a woodworker or professional handyman. 

There’s the “revolutionary design that allows for a quicker setup, greater versatility assured, and not to forget the improved user safety compared to traditional router tables you can find around. There’s also the versatility that it assures users, as you can use the Incra router table to work on just about any kind of wood you desire and more. Last but not least is the sophisticated design, which makes it look more like a decoration than a high functioning woodwork tool, which’s quite astonishing considering all the work that gets done. The Incra router table is the future, and something truly essential in every woodworking workshop, it’s something that ticks so many boxes, it shouldn’t be discarded.

Final Thoughts

The decision on the router table that you would purchase still boils down to you, and your personal preferences, all we can do is advise you and show you a couple of things that you should look out for before making the big decision. 

The Incra router table is one of our favorites, it’s something that we truly adore and can guarantee its usefulness for now and the future. There are a couple of things that you have to ascertain before getting a router table, things that must be present in your Incra router table before you make the deal. So take your time, go through the motions, and get ready to enjoy one of the best tools in the entire woodwork industry and beyond.

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