What is the best website to review home products?

No matter what you are trying to sell (or buy), one of the easiest ways to do that and make money online is by writing good reviews of online products?About 92% of consumers read online reviews before purchasing, and 40% build their opinion by reading one to three product reviews. This makes writing reviews an essential aspect of all online marketers (including their contacts).

Therefore, it is essential to read the latest lessons in writing reviews. You can check out the final guide on how to write a product review, which I wrote a few weeks ago, but now needs some help. homedepots.store and 5productreviews.com are some of the best reviews websites.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon is the world’s most massive online behemoth. As you may know, Amazon is a well-known predecessor to e-commerce and is also the first online platform that enabled the delivery of product reviews back in 1995.

These changes have much-helped customers to make more informed purchasing decisions based on real-life cases, cases of actual product use reported by consumers. Amazon remains a mandatory source of information for consumers.

The law with Amazon customer reviews is simple → if a product is available on Amazon; you will get product reviews about it. And since the platform offers a wide variety of products, it is a place you should have in your list when distributing reviews of your product online.

Besides, in addition to the text review (description), the products were tested on a five-star rating scale. Usually, those stars represent a general customer perception of something.

Angie’s List

I would call it the most popular review site on the American people. Angie’s List collects product reviews on 720+ family-related services. Its members post over 60,000 monthly reviews about the companies they use.

List Of Changes

Ratings are based on A-to-F grade Website administrators monitor the quality of these updates to ensure that the platform provides only factual, reliable information supported by real-world examples.

Users pay a monthly membership to the platform to gain exclusive access to online product updates in the home section. While payment makes entrance accessible, the good thing about this community is that the reviews are well thought out. Also, the details of the reviewers are displayed, which effectively blocks spam messages compared to free product review sites. Furthermore, marketers can find an account on Angie’s List to monitor ideas as they enter and interact actively with reviewers.

If you’re a corporate promoter, you might consider setting up an account on Angie’s List so you can encourage customers to review your resources on the platform.


Trustpilot is one of the platforms, the fastest growing online community, user-generated. Although originating in Denmark, it has grown to 65 markets, including the US.

The concept of Trustpilot and other platforms included in this list try to help people buy with confidence and efficiency, more informed purchasing decisions. They believe that sharing is caring, so Trustpilot wants to build trust and transparency through shared sharing.

Trustpilot is where you can grow your online business and engage with users who share their ideas. It is often used during the beginning of technology


Another popular user-created platform that is large and often rounded up for product reviews is Quora. In practice, Quora is an online information marketplace that takes a question and answer forum.

Quora may seem strange at first glance, but it is different. It stands out because of its unique donors who are potent people from Silicon Valley or politicians like Hillary Clinton.

Quora’s views are continually growing. Therefore, it makes sense to use it as a platform to distribute reviews of your product under the appropriate questions and threads.

While membership is free, you need to ensure that your content meets quality standards and complies with Quora’s guidelines when submitting updates. A well-written product review can be added whenever appropriate, and if you do not look spam and do not pass links, you will not be blocked from the platform.

In general, when writing Quora content well, it can generate a decent amount of stable, free traffic to your website. For this reason, it seems to be one of the primary sources of traffic by many organizations.