What are the Advantages of Having Outdoor Decks?


Whether you’re a pool enthusiast or love outdoor gatherings, a deck can transform your outdoor space into something truly amazing.

While installing a deck might seem like a big project, the rewards are equally substantial. With the assistance of a decking expert, you can craft a beautiful outdoor sanctuary. Your deck can also become a cherished gathering place for your family to create lasting memories.

 If you’re contemplating deck installation, take a moment to consider its wonderful advantages.

Is a Deck the Same as a Porch?

Before we discover the benefits of having a deck, you may need to figure out first how it differs from a porch. Backyard decks and porches share many appealing qualities, but they also have unique features that set them apart. These distinctions are important to consider when deciding which outdoor space suits you best.  

Here are some key differences that define whether an outdoor space is a deck or a porch:

  • Coverage: Porches are typically covered, providing full protection from the elements with a roof. Decks, on the other hand, are mostly open to the sky, with some or all of their area exposed.
  • Positioning: Decks are often located at the back of a house, running alongside its perimeter. Porches, on the other hand, can be situated at the front, sides, or back of a house, and they may wrap around the house’s perimeter.
  • Elevation: Porches are usually built at ground level, aligned with the first story of a house, but can also be constructed on higher stories. Decks, in contrast, are almost always elevated above the ground, accessible from the first floor or via an outdoor staircase.
  • Size: Decks tend to be larger than porches due to their placement limitations. Porches, with their added coverage and flexible positioning, often come at the expense of floor space.
  • Purpose: Porches are often designed with specific functions in mind, such as a place to remove dirty shoes or provide a breezy area for cooling the home. Decks, on the other hand, are designed to be versatile, serving as extensions of the living space for various activities.

If you seek an outdoor space to relax, kick off your shoes, or treat friends to lemonade, a backyard porch might be your choice. Its compact size can accommodate features like insect screens or greenhouse glass beyond basic shade.

However, if you’re looking for a versatile outdoor space to host family dinners or children’s birthday parties, a deck may be the better fit. Its ample size opens the door to benefits like an outdoor fireplace, dining sets, or even an entertainment system!”

Advantages of Having Outdoor Decks

It’s the perfect place for hosting and entertaining.

young people having a party in a backyard

Instead of relying on indoor spaces, make the most of the fresh air and natural light outdoors. A deck transforms into the ideal venue for dinners, social gatherings, or grilling sessions. Guests can mingle while basking in the pleasant weather and fresh air. Plus, decks allow you to maximize your yard space, giving your guests more areas to relax or play games. Whether it’s a summer barbecue or a casual lunch, decks offer a cozy setting to sit back and relish the great outdoors.

You can spruce it up with comfortable outdoor furniture, an outdoor kitchen with a grill, and even some attractive fire features. All these additions enhance both the functionality and charm of your outdoor space.

It can be transformed into an entertaining space.

While outdoor entertaining might be the first thing that comes to mind, a backyard deck can be so much more than a hangout spot for you and your friends. Picture turning your deck into an open-air lounge for watching sports with your buddies or decorating it with lights for at-home fashion shows with your pals.

With a touch of creativity, your backyard deck could even transform into a serene home spa, a play area for your kids, or a haven for birdwatching. Feel free to explore your outdoor entertainment fantasies and celebrate quality time with yourself and your loved ones right on your own backyard deck!

It can expand your living space.

backyard deck with dining and cabana

Regardless of how you plan to use your backyard deck, it undeniably adds square footage to your home’s living area. Homeowners with larger families may want to provide their loved ones with extra room by constructing a backyard deck. Moreover, depending on your needs, you can design a backyard deck with outdoor storage in mind. You can incorporate storage inside hollow built-in benches, use a small outdoor storage locker on the deck, or even utilize the space underneath the deck to store lawn and garden equipment! This way, you can store items that might not otherwise have a designated space in your home.

With the right furniture and equipment, your deck can become a delightful home extension perfect for warmer days. You have the freedom to tailor this additional space to your needs, optimizing your outdoor area for both comfort and style.

It can boost the value of your house.

If you’re seeking an affordable way to increase your property’s value, a deck is a fantastic choice. In fact, some experts claim that adding a deck can raise your home’s value more than adding another bathroom or living room would. What’s more, decks are often a more budget-friendly addition compared to these other home renovations.

The cost of deck installation largely depends on its size and the materials you choose. Nevertheless, most homeowners can expect to recoup nearly 70% of the deck construction cost when they sell their home. Keep in mind that high-quality materials tend to last longer and appeal to a wider range of homebuyers.

In fact, many homebuyers prefer homes with backyard decks, especially those that have been professionally designed. Decks provide a neat outdoor space that particularly appeals to homebuyers with children and pets.

It serves as a canvas for your outdoor decorations.

Deck surfaces provide an excellent backdrop for showcasing outdoor decor like potted plants and garden sculptures. With ample flat space to play with, you can turn your deck into the backyard oasis you’ve always imagined. Imagine constructing a deck with a built-in planter, allowing you to adorn it with your favorite flowers or greenery. Furthermore, your deck can showcase your beloved outdoor accessories, whether it’s charming garden stools or playful decorative items.

It’s easy to maintain.

When it comes to home maintenance, decks are a hassle-free option. They require minimal effort to keep them looking their best compared to other parts of your home. If you decide to revamp your kitchen with more cabinetry or finish your basement, you’ll likely find yourself investing more time in cleaning those areas. However, when you add a deck, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to spend extra hours keeping it spick and span. With a weatherproofing finish, your new deck won’t demand significant upkeep.

It adds to the home’s visual appeal.

Decks come in an array of colors and finishes, allowing you to paint or stain the deck to harmonize with your home’s existing design. For example, many homeowners choose to match their deck’s color with the hue of their window shutters. When you coordinate your deck with your home’s design, you create an exterior aesthetic that feels both harmonious and inviting.

If you’re unsure where to begin, you can find some fantastic deck ideas that will spark your creativity right here. To make your outdoor space even more inviting, think about adding a pergola to your deck. Also, you can adorn your deck with decorations like string lights or garlands to create a serene atmosphere for those warm summer evenings.

And for expert design advice, don’t hesitate to consult a professional deck company that can provide you with many innovative suggestions.

It helps enhance accessibility.

Decks can be constructed at different elevations, offering convenient connections between various areas of your property. They provide access to outdoor spaces that might otherwise be hard to reach. For instance, installing decks can bridge the gap between a raised house and a sloping yard.

It creates opportunities to improve your health and well-being.

Maybe you’re not into hosting dinner parties or large gatherings, and that’s perfectly fine. If that’s the case, you might find investing in a new backyard deck appealing for its potential health benefits. While a deck itself doesn’t directly provide health benefits, it creates opportunities to improve your well-being.

For instance, sunbathing on your deck can stimulate Vitamin D production, which supports bone health and mood stability. You can also make use of your deck for early morning yoga sessions and exercise routines.

Most importantly, having easy access to a spacious and versatile outdoor space will likely motivate you to spend more time in the open air, which is great for your overall health.

With a deck, you gain a cozy spot to unwind amidst the beauty of the outdoors. This can be incredibly beneficial for your well-being, as spending time outside has been proven to reduce stress levels.

It allows you to bring your indoor comfort outdoors.

Speaking of encouraging outdoor activities, a backyard deck provides an excellent space to move indoor pastimes into the open air. A backyard deck can still be a valuable addition for homeowners who prefer to stay indoors. Board games, portable video games, and party games—whatever your family enjoys, chances are you can enjoy it outdoors on your backyard deck!

Imagine transforming your backyard deck into a lounge area with an outdoor entertainment system! You can incorporate stereo systems, speakers, televisions, computers, and even game consoles into your future outdoor haven.

While you’ll need to consider factors like portability and weather protection, a backyard deck allows you to enjoy your morning news, evening TV shows, and weekend video game marathons in the refreshing summer breeze!

It gives you a space to supervise your kids’ outdoor activities.

a woman supervising her children playing outside

Homeowners who love outdoor activities and parents with children may find the potential for outdoor play on a backyard deck exciting. This outdoor area can be ideal for games like ring toss, mini-golf, and even mess-free water balloon battles!

A backyard deck also serves as the perfect vantage point for keeping an eye on your children. Decks are typically elevated off the ground, allowing parents to have a bird’s-eye view of their kids’ outdoor adventures and whereabouts from the comfort of their deck chairs. And don’t forget the opportunity for some rain-soaked fun in the summer without tracking mud inside the house!

It’s a cost-efficient home upgrade.

Compared to many other home renovation projects, adding a deck doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. The average cost of building a deck is around $7,000, with potential costs ranging from as low as $2,000 to nearly $20,000, depending on factors like size, materials, and finishes. For comparison, a kitchen renovation typically averages around $30,000 and doesn’t even create additional living space.

It’s quick to install.

Unlike some home improvement projects, adding a deck to your home is usually a speedy process. Once you’ve settled on a design and chosen a builder, things tend to come together quite smoothly.

Depending on the weather, the average deck installation typically takes just a few days to a week to complete. Plus, unlike interior renovations, you won’t have to worry about relocating furniture or enduring a lot of indoor disruptions. The construction mainly takes place outdoors, minimizing inconveniences to your everyday routines.

  If time is of the essence, consult multiple contractors until you find one who can complete the deck within your desired timeframe.

It can be tailored to your lifestyle.

When planning your deck, consider including features that align with your family’s lifestyle and cater to your interests. Decks with multiple levels and separate seating areas foster conversation and can serve as cozy corners for quiet activities like studying, reading, or playing games when you’re not hosting guests. Are you a fan of outdoor cooking? Think about incorporating an outdoor kitchen. An integrated fire pit or fireplace can extend your deck’s usability throughout the year, allowing you to enjoy nature even when the weather gets cooler.

Water elements such as fountains and reflecting pools offer tranquil relaxation. Garden enthusiasts can allocate space for planters and raised beds. Perhaps you’d like to watch your favorite sports teams outdoors on a flat-screen TV or add speakers for dancing to your favorite playlist late into the night. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination allows.

What Size Deck Is Ideal for Entertaining?

The size of your deck depends on how you plan to use it and the available space in your backyard. Decks generally offer more room than porches, so you’ll need to strike a balance between your deck’s purpose and your yard’s dimensions. However, there are cost-effective deck designs suitable for smaller yards.

Deck sizes are typically measured in square footage, much like the rooms in your home. Here are some size ranges to consider:

  • Small (100-200 square feet): The smallest decks are around 100 to 150 square feet, while a 200-square-foot deck can accommodate a small dining table set. This size works well for budget-conscious homeowners with limited space.
  • Moderate (200-400 square feet): The average deck falls in the range of 300 to 400 square feet. It offers a good balance of size and affordability, making it ideal for those who plan to entertain guests.
  • Large (400+ square feet): Larger decks are 400 square feet or more. They are perfect for large families and hosting gatherings but have higher construction costs and may require more maintenance than smaller decks.

It’s essential to consider not only how you’ll use the deck but also how it compares in size to your home. For instance, a deck that’s nearly the same size as your house might look aesthetically awkward.

To avoid design issues and choose a deck size that complements your home, estimate the square footage of each room in your house. Then, select a deck size that falls within the overall range of your room sizes. This approach ensures your deck blends seamlessly with your home’s layout.


The suitable outdoor space can create the perfect backdrop for making unforgettable summer memories. Whether you want a place to host gatherings, soak up the sun, or surprise your kids with a playful hose-down, a new backyard deck is an exceptional investment in both your home and your summer enjoyment!

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