Want to create a lasting impression with your cowboy hat? Use these styling tips


Wranglers and ranchers often wear cowboy hats. There are multiple reasons why they wear it, ranging from warmth to shade to protection and other elements. If you want to stay protected from the extreme weather and create that sturdy look, you will have to try out cowboy hats. If you need to give that impression of a cattleman over horseback, cowboy hats are the best alternative. However, you will have to wear it appropriately and use the correct tips for styling. Wearing western cowboy hats is not an easy task to carry. It is not something effortless. You will have to reveal your aesthetics as well as functionality when experimenting with cowboy hats.

There are multiple styles of cowboy hats available in the market. You will have to look into the details of each in terms of color texture, pattern, and material. Always go for those materials which are high quality as they will last longer and give you the best value on your investment. On the other hand, go for those colors which are subtle and neutral. They are best for formal events and casual attire as well. When it comes to patterns, going for the minimal design is always an option. Going for bold colors and weird patterns will not give you a desirable outcome.

Select your piece

As illustrated earlier, you will find endless varieties when it comes to cowboy hats. However, selecting the right one requires effort and time. You will have to use your rationale as well as the market trend for making your pick. Try multiple styles and sizes and choose the one which suits your requirement. You can go for different types like cattlemen, Derby, gambler, rancher, and wrangler. There are modern interpretations of cowboy hats. If you look at Hollywood stars, you will see that they come up with different designs for creating that signature style. 

Ever since the 19 century, cowboy hats have been loved by individuals of high social status. It was the epitome of the aristocracy. Over time, it has amalgamated different elements and made modifications in its features. Right now, it is a blend of different characteristics for creating a perfect impression. It will not only make you feel flirty but also make you grounded.  

Don’t go for the usual style

When choosing your cowboy hat, select one style. Try to experiment with your look by making changes in your attire. Just change your boots, watches, and shirts and evaluate the outcome. You can go for straw hats as well if you feel they are appropriate for you. Going for something which makes you feel overwhelmed is never an option. Go for those which complement your style. Try to recognize the correct hat and delve deep into their details. Never go for the naysayers. Why ask others about hats? They might have a different sense of style. You have your sense of fashion.  All you need is your sense of personality and taste for style. Try to flaunt that, and you will be all good. 

Never ignore the basics

When you are wearing a mens brim hat, don’t turn them backward. Ensure that the bow of the cowboy hat stays at the back of the head. The lower point of the hat must always remain at the back, giving you the right impression. Don’t go for those hats which come with stickers. They only overdo the hat and destroy its overall look.

Play with the angle

The most valuable thing to keep in your mind is the way you angle your hat. Understand the language of the brim. When you are working with cowboy hats, ensure that you reveal its best angle. The way you level the brim indicates a lot of things. Just bring it down on one side, and you will get that sharpness in your personality. If you want to add a mysterious look, you will have to play with the angles. Tilting the hat on one side will raise your confidence. Hence, look for the correct angle.

Lastly, you will have to dress strategically. You must pay attention to the event you are attending. When you overdo your style, others notice it. Wearing costumes that go with the event must be your choice. Select those outfits which relate to the hat. If you go wrong, you may be the center of laughter. You can also wear boots and other accessories but never overdo your style. When wearing hats, you can pair them with different suits, boots, shirts, and pants. For revealing the best side of your hat, you will have to style it uniquely. You can modify the way you look with a remarkable hat.   The way you carry it can say a lot about your style. 

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