Wall Paneling in Your Home: How to Use It


The interior walls of most are sometimes simple or uninspiring. Wall panelling is a cost-effective option to update the interior of your home without spending thousands of dollars on renovations.

With a variety of styles and designs to choose from, wall panels are a terrific way to improve the look and feel of interior spaces. Here is some of the wall panelling styles to think about for your home.

Make A Feature Wall

Using wall panelling to create a feature wall is one of the simplest methods to enhance your space when renovating your interior.

Because of its adaptability, wall panelling does not have to be used throughout an entire room. This gives you the freedom to express yourself in any place depending on your inspiration

When it comes to creating a feature wall, bedrooms are ideal. You can use wall panelling of your bedroom as a backdrop for your bed, allowing it to stand out as a focal point. Geometric wall panels are ideal for creating a unique feature wall in any room of the house.

Using modern wall panelling strips allows you to create a stunning modern feature wall. We recommend painting your feature wall in a dark colour to make it stand out and provide character and depth.

If you want a more classic aesthetic for your feature wall, Shaker Style panelling is a good choice.

Try Using Panel Walls In Your Bathroom

Why not add wall panelling to your bathroom instead of a tiled bathroom? Wall panels will bring character and warmth to any bathroom, no matter how big or tiny it is.

Before installing panelling on your bathroom walls, ensure the material is acceptable for damp or humid environments.

If your bathroom has a huge window, Jacobean wall panelling can be used to match the shape of the window.

You can easily create the look of a panel in your bathroom by using promenade MDF wall panel moulding. After you’ve decided how you want to space the strips, you may paint the panelling in a single colour to give it a framed appearance.

Use Panelling As A Headboard

If you want to give your bedroom a boutique hotel feel, using panelling instead of a headboard is a good option.

You can create a conducive sleep environment by combining flat wall panels with a divan bed. Your bedroom will stand out from the rest of your house if you use wall panelling all the way up to the ceiling. It can be hard to sleep without a headboard, which is why you should have plenty of cushions on the back of your bed.

It’s critical that the headboard you make out of wall panels matches the overall look you’re going for. At the moment, super-tall headboards are all the rage. Shaker Style wall panels, which bring panelling all the way to the ceiling, are ideal for creating a maximalist effect in your bedroom.


There’s a style of wall panelling to suit your space, whether your aesthetic is classic or modern, whole-wall or partial. Take into account your budget, your abilities, and the end result you want to attain, and you’ll be well on your way to a whole new look in no time.

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