Top 4 Areas To Install Outdoor Solar Flood Lights Around The Home


Your home is most likely the largest investment you’ll ever make, and if you want to light it up without hammering yourself with monthly or daily bills, then outdoor solar lighting is the way to go. It keeps the outside of your home energy-efficient and well-lit, without spending thousands of dollars on electricity bills.

Getting the best outdoor solar lights in the market is very easy today. With the number of businesses selling these products, it’ll be very easy for you to find one that suits your budget and needs. However, you won’t be able to enjoy this investment if you don’t know where to install outdoor solar flood lights around your home. Your inability to determine where these lights should be placed can cause stress and inconvenience in the long run.

To help you out, here are the top areas within your home where you can easily install solar outdoor flood lights:

The Underside Of A Covered Patio Or The Eaves

The underside of a covered patio or under the eaves is one of the best places to put outdoor solar flood lights, both motion and non-motion sensors lights. They blend well with your trims without compromising the exterior design of your home. When placed in the eaves’ corner, it allows room for rotating optics, allowing them to light up two sides of the house exterior when adjusted. This will make your outdoor space safer and more visible even in the dark.

Patio security lights are the best option for eaves. They can illuminate a large surface area around your home to scare off destructive animals and burglars within your home’s vicinity.

Pathways And Driveways

If your home has a long pathway or driveway from the compound entrance that heads to your door or the garage, then solar path or driveway lighting is the way to go. It provides a controlled landscape lighting, designed to help you navigate to the front of your house, all while highlighting its attractiveness.

Installing outdoor solar floor lights in your pathways and driveways is actually essential because, aside from lighting your outdoor space, these lights will also make it very easy for you to navigate your vehicle in the night. This is especially important if your pathways or driveways are situated near landscaped areas.

Flowers or plants planted along your pathway or driveway provide a perfect point for pathway and driveway lighting.  Lighting the stepping stones or flower beds along your walkway will give your pathway or driveway a majestic view. Landscape solar lighting uses a rechargeable battery or a remote solar panel placed within the yard to attract sunlight.

The Surface Of Exterior Sidings Or Walls

Walls or exterior siding is one of the best spots to install solar flood lights. They can be positioned at any point along the surface, especially on high areas, to shed light beams down onto main walkways or the backyard entrance covering. With this positioning, their intense light leads prowlers to think you’re on high alert or at home even when you aren’t.

Also, with proper positioning, the rotating aspect makes it easily adjustable to light up a wider circumference of your home by casting maximum light down onto recessed areas. According to Huda LIghting in Dubai,as long as you pay attention to the illumination and angles, installing outdoor solar flood lights in your exterior sidings and walls will also allow you to highlight your property in the dark.



A deck is a cost-effective investment for any homeowner as this space functions as an extension of the home’s living space, and encourages the household to spend time outdoors. However, some homeowners often trip and fall on the edges of their decks while in the dark. This is especially true for people who love to spend their evenings in their decks. Installing solar flood lights with standard lighting voltage designed for decks is the first step to protecting your family from trip-related injuries, as well as shooing away thieves from entering your home through your deck.

Outdoor solar flood lights are placed into the grooves on the surface or engraved on the deck’s staircase, creating a beautiful surrounding when they blend correctly with flowers, structures, or decorative pieces. Also, this type of installation will not damage your floor or the aesthetics of your outdoor space.


With good outdoor solar flood lights in the market at your disposal, you’ll be able to illuminate different spots of your home. However, these require a lot of wiring from the solar energy source. Thus, it’s essential to consult a qualified solar electrician. Solar flood lights also come with installation guidelines, making it easy to install them around your home.

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