The Pros and Cons of Shipping Container Homes


Shipping container homes are on the rise. More people are opting for these homes instead of traditional housing. Some opt for tiny homes as that suits their needs and some opt for durable recycled homes. There are many reasons for this, some environmental and some the overall aesthetic.

But why are they popular? What are the pros and the cons of choosing this type of structure?

Pros of shipping container homes

1. Environmentally friendly

Shipping container homes are environmentally friendly when you reuse or recycle a used container. This is because, by recycling and reusing a used object, you cut the CO2 emissions that would have been linked to the new production of that object.

Buying new products can lead to a high amount of CO2 emissions, especially when these objects are shipped internationally. By purchasing local and used products that are still in good shape, you avoid those unnecessary CO2 emissions.

You also prevent unnecessary waste by using an old object that is still in good condition. Shipping containers that are left to decay and are not sent to the proper recycling facilities can pollute their surrounding environment.

This is why more individuals are reusing old shipping containers that are still in good condition to build their new home.

2. Cost-effective

Building a shipping container home can be very cost-effective.

The materials needed to renovate and turn some containers into a cozy house are not too expensive to buy. You will also need fewer materials and labor than you would need for a more traditional house.

Containers themselves can be bought at a reasonable price. Many companies will usually cut down the price of their older containers, which are usually still good to reuse.

This makes shipping container homes particularly affordable and accessible to purchase.

Some individuals have managed to build their own shipping container house for only $10,000 USD. This means that you can now become a homeowner without a mortgage and life-long, crippling debt.


3. Durable and low maintenance

Another reason why shipping container homes are cost-effective is because of their durability. The materials that make up shipping containers are very high-quality.

They are sturdy and hard-wearing. This makes them pretty low-maintenance and cost-effective in the long run.

After all, these objects were built to endure:

  • intense weather conditions
  • long trips around the world
  • sudden collisions
  • the weight of heavy objects and goods for long periods of time

 4. Quick to build

You can buy a shipping container almost immediately as long as you have the funds for it! You won’t have to wait around too long to get it. A simple container cover kit will allow you to create a functioning home in no time.

Turning that container into a home is then a pretty fast and straightforward process compared to a traditional house.

5. Easy to personalize and adapt to your needs

You can easily change, renovate, personalize, and adapt the shipping container house to match your needs and preferences. Have fun with it and adapt it to your needs.

6. Easy to let

Influencers, tourists, and Airbnb guests just love original and quirky accommodation options. They will love to rent out or even buy your shipping container home.

You can easily turn your house into a profitable investment if you want to.

Cons of shipping container homes

There are two main cons to these homes.

 1. A potential lack of space

Most individuals struggle with a lack of space in regular container homes. One solution is to use some small space design tricks to make the area look bigger.

Another solution would be to buy a house-sized container. Or, to purchase several small containers and turn them into a building to get around this problem. This might be more expensive, but it still won’t be as expensive as a house.

2. Building permits and land permits

These can be hard to obtain depending on where you live. Make sure to check the permits you would need and how to go about obtaining them.

However, if you have a large backyard that you want to build a smaller house on, that might not be an issue.

Final thoughts

Overall, there are more pros to buying and building a shipping container home than there is cons. Not only are they a more environmentally friendly solution to having a new home, but they also make your home stand out as adventurous. There are various ways to model your home this way and it will be a sound structure that will last years due to its durability and material. So, if you are deciding on whether to have an ordinary home or venture out and have a shipping container home, let this article be a guide to making your decision.

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