The Best Energy Suppliers For Businesses


For any business out there, it should be their priority to find the best possible energy tariff so that their bills are made as cheap as they can be. However, whilst price is important, it is not the only thing that businesses need to consider when looking for energy deals, as some energy suppliers also offer additional services and perks and these can be really beneficial to some businesses out there.

Some of the biggest and most popular energy suppliers that businesses can use are listed below:

  • Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) – founded in 1998 and based in Perth, Scotland, SSE supplies energy to thousands of businesses throughout the United Kingdom (UK). Although the company usually ranks well with its business customers, in September of 2020, the company was fined just over £2 million by Ofgem for failure to publish information pertaining to availability of its capacity for generating energy in the future to the set timescales.
  • Corona Energy – claiming to be more than simply an energy supplier, Corona Energy, has been an industry leader for the past 20 years, servicing thousands of businesses up and down the UK. The company is well known for being highly trusted and respected by its business customers, which is why they keep staying with the energy supplier.
  • British Gas Business – this company is the leading business energy supplier in the whole of the UK, supply both electricity and gas to in excess of 350,000 different businesses throughout the country. This is thanks to them being specialists within the industry, having simple and flexible supply options, and using renewable energy sources that allow businesses to reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Opus Energy – found in 2002, Opus Energy, currently provides energy to hundreds of thousands of businesses across the UK. All of the energy that the company provides comes from 100 percent renewable sources, enabling all of their customers to reach their goals for sustainability. The company is owned by the Drax Group, which are responsible for operating the largest renewable power station in the entire country.
  • Gazprom – this Russian based, state owned energy company provides businesses of all sizes within the UK with good value and highly flexible deals for energy. For those businesses out there that are actively looking to reduce their carbon footprint, the company has several green options, from renewable electricity, to eco gas, and even biodiversity and carbon offsetting contracts.
  • Contract Natural Gas (CNG) – founded in 1994, CNG claims to be all about you and doe this by making accessing energy a really easy thing to do. Since then, the company has grown to become the biggest independent energy supplier in the whole of the UK. During this time the company has one a number of different awards and accolades for the work that it has done, including Investor in Customers, Putting the Customer First, and Yorkshire Post Fastest 50.
  • Npower for business – Npower aims to work with businesses in order to bring their future energy plans to fruition. Using their expertise, the company bring net zero solutions to businesses up and down the country, in order to allow them to better manage their consumption of energy. Recently the company merged with the large energy supplier E ON to provide even more businesses in the UK with energy.
  • Scottish Power – businesses are able to get a quote online with Scottish Power almost instantaneously, which is ideal for those businesses that are soon to be out of contract. The company provides a wide range of tariffs for businesses to choose from that all use energy that has been generated by green / renewable sources.
  • EDF Energy – this is one of the largest business energy suppliers in the UK, offering a wide range of tariffs and deals in order to suit most businesses needs. Quotes can be obtained on the company’s website within the space of just 60 seconds and the whole process if signing up with the energy supplier can be done online. They offer great customer support to all of their business customers, with a 24/7 live chat feature on their website.
  • Haven Power – by taking out energy with Haven Power, businesses can dramatically transform how they see sustainable energy. The company’s energy tariffs are no more expensive than other energy suppliers but produce much less carbon than others. The company steers clear of using technical industry jargon and instead keeps things simple so that businesses can focus on running their business and not have to worry about their energy.
  • Orsted Energy – with Orsted Energy, businesses can get better control over the cost of the energy that they use, as well as adopting a much greener approach. This is thanks to the fact that the company supplies businesses with only renewable energy solutions that are no more expensive than less sustainable options. They even provide all of their business customers with free smart meters.

Comparing Energy Suppliers

When it comes to businesses switching energy suppliers it can be a daunting thing to do, especially if it is something that a business has never done before. However, before committing to a particular business energy supplier, it is important to do as much research as possible in order to ensure that businesses get the best possible deal. One way of doing this is by visiting an energy business comparison website, such as

For any businesses that find themselves on a standard tariff, then they need to act quickly to get themselves off of an expensive tariff and onto a more suitable one that does not cost as much. After doing the required research and comparison of energy deals, a business should inform their previous energy supplier of the impending switch and provide them with all of the meter readings and paperwork that they needs in order to be able to perform the switch.

By performing research on all of the above energy suppliers, businesses will be able to determine for themselves which is the best one to go with and get their energy from.

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