The Basin Breakdown: What Goes Into Creating a Beautiful Bathroom?

Designing a bathroom is an exciting opportunity to bring some light, style and personality to a space that doesn’t often get the attention it deserves. When did your bathroom last get a closer look, or do other rooms tend to take priority? Let’s inject some inspiration into your bathroom and break down what the key attributes are that make a memorable bathroom, and what might be detracting from your bathroom as it currently stands.

Layout and design

Let’s start with the most important factor – the layout and design of your bathroom. You may not have a lot of control over this fact, but if you do you might want to get some ideas from bathroom showrooms in Melbourne and start to conceptualise the flow of your new concept bathroom. Showrooms feature setups for all sized bathrooms, and if nothing else you might get some tips for how you can optimise your own. Whether you are faced with a bathroom that is too small, too large or poorly shaped – you can try to correct these imperfections through flow and design. If you can’t dictate the structure of your bathroom through renovation, rearrange the non-fixed elements so that you can still achieve an enhanced design. 

Consider your light

Lighting is another factor that will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom, and many overlook just how much this influences the other design choices you make. If your windows aren’t affording you the right light, you can install a skylight in the roof that will extend unlimited light. This is also one of the purest light sources, as artificial light in a bathroom can often overpower the simplicity of the room, and there is nothing natural about waking up with fluorescent light in the morning. If this natural light can’t be achieved structurally, you might also wish to incorporate glass in your door (discreetly engineered) so that the light from other rooms can beam through your dark bathroom. 

Quality hardware and surfaces

Your bathroom will retain a lot of moisture, whether you ventilate the room a lot or not, which is why you need to have quality hardware and surfaces to endure these conditions. Stainless steel is the preferred hardware for bathrooms, as copper and nickel will show the wear in no time at all, and it’s harder to restore and polish than stainless steel. You don’t want to be shackled with deteriorating metal that is too expensive to replace, but also too unsightly to bear. You should also select durable bathroom surfaces like marble, granite or laminate, as timber and other materials will take on that moisture and warp or break down over time. This is why you rarely see exposed outdoor furniture in natural timbers and woods. It also makes a lot of difference if you install high-quality ceramic basins in your bathroom. 

Bring some plants into the bathroom

Plants can really thrive in a bathroom with the added moisture and humidity, and they can also bring an inviting aura to the room. If the maintenance routine of your plants is a detractor, select a collection that is going to be manageable, and do your research to find indoor plants that crave this sort of environment. Plants are also an opportunity to bring a pop of colour to the bathroom with your plant pot choice, and you can match your towels to these colours to bring some style unity. You could also tie some artwork concepts into the bathroom and colour scheme, but you want to aim for neutral tones over loud ones. 

Here are just four ways you can transform your bathroom into a beautiful sanctuary, and you might even find that you don’t have to commit to all four. By honouring this space and complementing your surroundings, you will find that your bathroom isn’t a forgotten yet necessary room – but rather a selling point within your home.