Questions To Ask HVAC Fulton NY Companies Before Purchasing An Air Con


An air conditioner or AC can make your home more comfortable as it can give you the room temperature that you want. But purchasing an AC that may not last long or is not fit for the space you intend to keep warm or cold may become a waste of money. Therefore, you have to ask HVAC Fulton NY companies the right questions before your purchase. To help you, refer to these questions:

1. How efficient is your AC’s system?

Nowadays, new AC units are more efficient than older models. Newer models are built with an energy efficient system. When you’re shopping, check with the HVAC company if the AC has an Energy Star or Guide label.

You should also ask the company what the Energy Star label indicates. The company should be able to explain that the Energy Star label indicates that the AC has high SEER and EER ratings. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER gauges a central air conditioner’s efficiency in an outdoor temperature operation. On the other hand, EER or Energy Efficient Ratio measures the room air conditioner’s efficiency. When the EER or SEER is higher, the AC has a more efficient system.

Moreover, you should also ask the HVAC company what the impact of an efficient AC is. An efficient AC system can cool your room temperature but not necessarily let your energy bill go up. In Fulton, NY, a lot of HVAC companies offer their services to make your home comfortable while being cost-effective. You can visit the website of an HVAC company you intend to hire so you can check the services you need.

2. Do you have air quality components or new technologies for the AC?

To enhance your air conditioning experience at home, some air quality components or new technologies are required. For example, an AC can both cool your place while keeping the humidity level consistent, or maintaining the air quality high.

Ask the  HVAC company if they also sell these extra components before purchasing an AC. When you buy an AC and its components are from different stores, they might not be compatible with your unit or come with a higher price. On the other hand, buying them from the same store may even give you a discount.  Also don’t forget to ask about furnace cost as well in the pricing.

Here are samples of air quality components or new technologies you should consider:

  • Air purifiers. This is a solution to maintain a high indoor air quality. By installing an air purifier, you’re more likely to eradicate viruses, bacteria, and pollutants in your home since it filters the air. When unsure of what air purifier to buy, checking these tips for buying an air purifier will help.
  • Air conditioning system for homes without ductwork. Some air conditioning systems can go into narrow spaces because of their tiny vents. This then makes the air run through small ducts. Moreover, you can save on electric bills as it reduces your AC’s workload by decreasing your home’s humidity levels through its cooling coils.
  • Mini split system. If you have boiler systems, the mini split system is best for your home because of its seasonal transitions for heating and cooling your home. Most split systems have inverter circuits that cool your space efficiently, and automatically adjust their temperature when you leave the room. As a result, you can also spend less on your energy bills.

Questions To Ask HVAC Fulton NY Companies Before Purchasing An Air Con 2

3. Is your company licensed and insured?

One of the essential questions to ask an HVAC company is whether or not they are insured and licensed. Insured companies will not be hesitant to show evidence of their license and insurance. But if they are reluctant, then consider it a red flag.

An HVAC company where you choose to buy your AC should be licensed and insured for these two reasons:

  • To protect your home. Licensed and insured companies will assure you that their products are of high quality and authentic. Moreover, you will also likely buy an insured AC so you can return it in case of malfunctions or damages you did not cause.
  • To protect their work. Since they are licensed and bonded, their service will also be of high quality since they are responsible for unexpected costs due to their work.


Buying an AC from the right company matters as you can either acquire a high-quality or low-quality unit. It also helps in asking the right questions so that you will purchase the proper AC for your home. The more questions you ask, the more you will know what will be perfect for your needs. Therefore, the questions above are some of the most vital questions you have to ask in an HVAC company.

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