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A building represents the maker, the designer, and the owner. It shows and tells so much story. This is why good architecture is needed (read more). This goes the same with houses, even the simplest ones, and this includes both interior and exterior aspects of your house.

Beautifying the exterior of your house is not a necessity, but you might want to consider doing so. Why?

Because of the following reasons:

1. It Shows the Inhabitant’s Personality

As they are saying, your personality can be seen depending on how you walk, how you talk, how you dress, and even what your house looks like!

We will see some examples:

Imagine you are passing by a small house. The house is neatly painted. There is a neatly placed stone pavement from the entrance gate going to the front porch. All plants are beautifully trimmed, and all are looking healthy. With that, what can you assume of the personality of the owner of the house?

Well, I assume you think that the owners of the house are neat and well organized; smart and systematic; settled.

Next, imagine a small house. The paint outside is uneven. Wild plants are growing everywhere. The way going into the entrance of the house is muddy and has scattered stones. Now for this one, what do you think is the kind of person the owner of this house is?

You may keep to yourself your answer for this one. But if you were to choose which one is better?

2. It Affects Visitors

You always have to think about what your guests would feel when they visit your house. Is your front yard welcoming? Are they going to enjoy the view? Won’t their white shoes get dirty upon entry? Isn’t there a tree root where they might stumble and fall?

You have to see to it that your visitors will feel the warm welcome of your house. Imagine the “wow” in their faces whenever they see your lovely house.

When they liked their visit, they, for sure, will spread the news to other friends telling them how great a house you have. They might even be inspired by your house’s architectural design or landscaping and copy your style.

3. It Could Shoo Unwanted Guests

When we say, “unwanted guests,” we mean those we do not want. It includes pesky rodents, cockroaches, and other insects – flies and mosquitos. These little creatures love it when it is messy and smelly. So, when your place is neat and clean, how would they want to stay?

Aside from them, we may also say that an “unwanted visitor” could mean a thief. As mentioned above, your house could tell your personality. If the thieves have seen that everything is in place, they may think, “they’re home, and these people are smart to have everything put in place.”

If your house exterior is a little messy, thieves will think nobody’s home, so they will try to break in.

4. It Sets the Mood

How do you feel whenever you go home from your stressful work? Is your house pleasing in your eyes, thus giving you a relaxing and joyful feeling? Or maybe it adds to your stresses because of your unpaved and lack-of-care front lawn.

Always remember that seeing things in place puts your mind in place; seeing beautiful things also gives your mind a beautiful feeling. Thus, seeing unpleasant things give your mind negative effects.

5. Simply Because You Just Want To

Last but not least, beautify your house because you simply just want to. You got the money; go for it! Anything that is an improvement is a good thing. It’ll make you happy. Do it!

House Exterior Ideas

If you do not know where to start in making your house exterior beautiful, the following are some tips:

1. Have A Theme For Your House

This is not new to all architectural buildings. There is usually a theme for every construction. As for houses, you may have them inspired by whatever theme you would like.

For instance, you may have a Japanese-inspired theme where you may put rocks, bonsai plants, and ponds in your front yard.

You may also have a Western/Cowboy-inspired garden where you can have logs and tree stumps as planters, and you may have some rail fence with a horseshoe hanging on it.

Any theme that you can think of, anything that you want!

2. Use the Right Color

As for your house exterior’s paint, make sure it matches your landscaping, your theme, the color of the roof, and of course, it should be how you want it to be seen by other people.

You may have white with gold for a classy house exterior, or you may have wood-like brown for a nature-inspired image. You may also have mint green for a fresh look.

3. Landscape Your Garden

It is nice to have colorful flowers in your yard to look at when you are having your morning coffee. It is best when also paired with greens to feel the relaxing effects of nature. Have your grass cut, your plants trimmed, and place it most creatively.

This could make you happy and brighten your day and put a smile on other people’s faces.

4. Use Pavements

Pavements add beauty to your front/back yard. There are plenty of choices for the types of pavement that will complement your theme or the landscaping style. You may also do Driveway Paving  if you are feeling extra fancy. Having the common cement driveway is okay but paving it with style will make it more attractive. It will add beauty to your front yard.

5. Anything “Instagramable”

We now live in a generation where taking photos and sharing them online is a thing. As others call it – “instagramable.” It means it is worthy of being posted on social media, specifically Instagram, where beautiful photos are shared.

When you want your place to be “instagramable,” make it as beautiful as you can so that if you take pictures in different areas and different angles, the result will always be wonderful.

Is There A Need for Contractors?

After deciding to beautify your house exterior, the question now is, are you able to do it on your own, or do you need contractors to do it for you? Do you need contractors to pave your patio and do your landscaping? It is up to you!

If you think you are very much able to decorate your lawn on your own with your creativity to plan it out and skillful hands to execute it, why not? However, not all people are creative enough to come up with a great landscaping plan and not skillful enough to do the work, which is why they seek help from contractors.

Why Employ Contractors?

For those who do not have the time and are not able to do the job on their own, they hire contractors for the job for the following reasons:

1. They Are an Expert On What They Do

Exactly the reason why they became contractors- because they are good at it! If you want to bake a perfect cake but don’t really know how to do it and have never done it before, what do you do? Ask help from a baker!

If you want to draw a picture of yourself, but you have no talent for drawing, what would you do? Seek help from an artist!

The same goes for your landscaping, and front lawn paving works. Even though we can google our way to it, it is always different hands-on. You may try to copy what the internet says, and you may practice doing it, but you may need more time to do it close to perfection.

2. Tools and Equipment Needed Are Available with Them

You might have the basic gardening and carpentry tools at home, but I am pretty sure you do not have the complete set of tools and equipment needed to complete a perfect landscape and pavement. This is why contractors are needed because they, for sure, have all the necessary tools.

Imagine paving your patio with stones on your own using just the shovel. Do you think it’s going to work?

3. They Have A Lot of Ideas

Aside from the fact that they are experts in this field, they have years of experience and also have encountered different styles and approaches, thus giving them lots of ideas. They were exposed to wider connections in this industry, so expect that they have a broader understanding of this matter.

With all of that, however, you need to make sure that the contractors you are hiring are licensed. There are risks, especially when your contractor does not have a license. You may take a look at this site for more information:

Moreover, some may say that exterior house beautification is only for those who have the money to spend on it. I can say I agree that you will need money to do it, but it does not mean that if you do not have the budget, you can no longer design your exterior. You may start in your simplest way by arranging your plants, trimming your grass, placing your stones creatively, etc.

Now that you read about this go check your house exterior and have some fun planning for its transformation!


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