New Roof Styles Can Bring Higher Property Values

When a potential buyer visits a property, the first thing that comes in front of him is the outlook of the property. A glorious look of your house can easily win the heart of any person, resulting in a greater chance of increasing the property value. Thus many homeowners overlook this essential part when they organize a house for selling. You can visit here to learn more about the different roofing styles you can apply.

If you are considering selling your home or want to increase its value, consider making some upgrades. One area that can have a big impact is your roof. Outdated or damaged roofs can turn off potential buyers and lower your property value. In this content, we will discuss how new roof styles can bring higher property values.

When Should You Repair Your Roof?

Roof is one of the most important parts of your home, so it’s important to know when it needs to be repaired. Depending on the materials and how much weather exposure it gets, a roof can last anywhere from 20 to 70 years. However, even the best roofs can be damaged by severe weather. Therefore, if you don’t repair the damage quickly, it can lead to even more serious problems.

There are some warning signs that you need to repair your roof. If you see any leaks, missing shingles, mold growth or sagging, you should call a roofing contractor immediately. 

Different Types of Roof Repair and Replacement Options

Installing a new roof, or even updating your existing roof style, can give your home a fresh look that will help it stand out from the competition and attract buyers. There are different roofing repair options to choose from, so you can find one that fits the look of your home and your budget.

If you’re unsure where to start, talk to a local roofing contractor like Mighty Dog Roofing in North Austin or a real estate agent for ideas. They can help you select the right materials and style for your home and give you an estimate of what it will cost. Here are the common roof repair and replacement options:

  1. Shingle Replacement: Shingle replacement is a common repair method for minor damage. If your shingles are cracked, curling, or missing, you may be able to replace them simply. This is usually a relatively inexpensive and easy fix.
  2. Partial Re-Roofing: Partial re-roofing is necessary when more extensive damage has occurred, such as large leaks or water damage. This involves removing and replacing part of the roof, typically only the most damaged section.
  3. Tear Off: A tear-off is usually required when the roof is beyond repair and must be replaced entirely. This involves removing all of the old shingles and installing new ones. Therefore, this is the most expensive roof replacement option.
  4. Roof Over: A roof over is an option for homeowners who want to avoid a complete replacement and instead cover the existing roof with a new layer of shingles. This is a less expensive option because the owner increases the roof’s strength by adding another layer.

How Can a New Roof Increase Your Property Value?

A new roof is a significant investment in any property a person can make in their lifetime. Not only does a new roof add to the curb appeal of your property, but it also increases your home’s resale value. If you want to sell a house that needs a new roof, the overall price will be lower than expected. Therefore, if you are planning on selling your home in the near future, consider installing a new roof.

There are multiple ways a new roof can add value to your property. Some of them are:

1. Aesthetics

While a new roof may not seem like a glamorous upgrade, it can actually have a big impact on your home’s value. A new roof can make your home look much nicer and well-maintained. This can be especially important if you’re trying to sell your home, as buyers will be impressed by the condition of the roof.

2. Energy Efficiency

A new roof can increase property value by making your home more energy efficient. This is because newer roofs are better at insulating homes and keeping the heat in during the winter and cool air in during the summer. This can help lower your energy bills, which will appeal to potential buyers.

3. Durability

A new roof can also add to the durability of your home. This is because a new roof will be better able to protect your home from weather damage, such as wind, hail, and rain. Besides, it will last longer than an old one, meaning that it will need to be replaced less often. This can save you money over time and make your property more valuable. 

4. Mental Satisfaction

New roof can mentally satisfy a buyer in many ways. It can ensure that the roof will not need any major renovation soon, which will save a good budget. Besides, it will prevent damage to the home, including molds, leaks, etc. So with a minimum maintenance cost, the buyer will get a secure place to live.


Roof styles or new roofs can have a significant impact on property values. A well-designed roof can add curb appeal and increase the value of a home. When choosing a roof, it is important to consider the climate, the architectural style of the home, and the budget. With so many options available, there is sure to be a roof style that will increase the value of your property.