Learn the basics of Pool Excavation with This Guide


Different things make a house fun, and a swimming pool is one of them; a swimming pool has the power to instantly fascinate and excite anyone, whether it is in someone’s home or a resort. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that almost all of us love swimming pools whether we know how to swim.

Apart from being beautiful and majestic, swimming pools also make us happy. It has been seen that swimming pools can help significantly with mental well-being and reduce feelings of anger, tension, confusion, and depression. This happens because swimming is genuinely a full-body workout, and not only does it keeps us fit but also alters our mood.

Are Swimming Pools Fun?

The demand for swimming pools in residential spaces has increased dramatically over the years; everyone loves how swimming pools provide a fun and friendly environment for summer gatherings and create an outdoor resort-like vibe. However, building a swimming pool is not that fun; pool construction involves numerous intimidating steps, and one of them is excavation.

Although challenging, excavation is one of the essential parts of constructing a swimming pool. It is among those processes that are incredibly messy and are unavoidable, and since it is so tough, there are very high chances of things going wrong if you are not prepared.

So, if you are looking to add an in-ground pool to your backyard and know very little about pool excavation, you have come to the right place today. This guide will help you learn the basics about pool excavation and make sure that you know all the essential details when the massive project of swimming pool construction and excavation starts. Visit https://constructionreviewonline.com/safety-and-security/12-precautions-to-enforce-safety-during-excavation-work/ to learn the must-needed precautions you need to employ to ensure safety during excavation work.

What is Pool Excavation?

First, let’s understand what swimming pool excavation is and what the fuss is all about.

If we put it in simple words swimming pool excavation is digging a massive hole in the ground for the pool. Excavation puts the base for many other essential things involved in the process of swimming pool construction, such as plumbing, steelwork, and concrete work.

Excavation is typically done by a team of builders and is not a one-man’s job; when done, the builders make sure that they dig the hole according to a plan laid out earlier. Apart from the plans, the builders also put physical marks on the ground so that everything stays perfect.

How Long Does It Take?

Most of the time, a question is how long it takes for the builder to excavate and construct a pool ultimately? When the ground is adequately excavated, the built pool usually takes about 10 to 12 weeks. One factor that could affect the timeline is that the process could take even more if the weather is not suitable.

The Role of Your Contractor

The contractor or the builder has the most vital role in excavating and constructing your swimming pool. The first and the most routine thing that a contractor does is test the soil in the area where the pool is being built for the composition. A contractor also ensures that the ground is uniform and suitable for construction because things like clay, gravel, organic matter, salts, and sand can affect excavation.

What Is Your Role?

The technical people involved and the homeowner also has some responsibilities; these responsibilities usually include things that help the process go smoothly and make things easier for builders.

Preparation for Excavation 

The excavation and pool construction process are highly inconvenient, and since it could go on for days, you are expected to be prepared physically and mentally. As we said earlier, the excavation process is exceptionally messy; however, not only that, but it is also noisy and disturbing.

Marking the Underground Utilities

Another essential part of preparing for the excavation includes marking the underground utilities; underground utilities include things like drainage pipes or wires. In most countries, it is mandatory to call someone who can help you mark underground utilities because if you don’t call them and hit the utilities under the ground, you will be fined.

Making Room for the Machinery

Excavating the ground for a massive pool is not an easy thing, and it requires extra help, which is why builders bring big machinery with them, which helps in quick and efficient excavation. Your job in this scenario is to make sure that there is nothing that could block the entry of these machines and make room wherever necessary.

Dealing with the Dirt

Not knowing what to do with the dirt is one of the most significant underrated issues during pool excavation. Most people don’t even realize how much dirt will come out of pool excavation, so you must plan and determine what you will do with the dirt.

You would have to hire a dump truck for most of the soil, so you don’t have to take it out yourself with a wheelbarrow. However, there are so many other things that you can do with the excess dirt. If you have kids, you can build a sandbox, create berms to use as sight barriers, fix drainage, and even build retaining walls.

What Will Happen After?

After successful excavation, the professionals would clean everything and start with other things, such as they would first start work related to plumbing, electrics, and steelwork. After that, they would install a pool shell; it would usually be made of vinyl or fiberglass. After finishing the pool base, professionals will build a surface-level deck and apply the pool finish.

When everything is done, the pool will be filled with water, and in some cases, it will be flushed with acid before water is filled.

A Few Common Questions

How to Find a Contractor?

Surprisingly, many people find it challenging to find a good contractor who can help with the excavation and construction of the swimming pool. You can search for contractors in your area on the internet; all you have to do is Google something like “pool excavation contractors in phoenix,” and you’re good to go.

The best thing about finding contractors on the internet is that you would also find countless reviews from people who have taken the same services before.

How to Save Money When Excavating?

You can save money while excavating; for example, you can limit the materials you have to use, build a smaller pool, go with simple designs, and get bids from multiple contractors.

Final Note

As you can see, the excavation process is long and hectic; however, if you know what you are doing, then the process tends to get a little less intimidating. However, despite the big construction scene, the good news is that most of the stuff would be dealt with by contractors, so all you have to do is help them do their job and enjoy the pool with your friends and family.

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