How To Make Your Bathroom Beautiful With Hidden Plumbing


Your bathroom’s plumbing is one of the most important parts of your home. It is responsible for supplying water to your toilet, showers, bathtub, and sink. However, they can be a real eyesore and distraction. When exposed, they can ruin your interiors and affect your decors. So if you want to make your bathroom beautiful, here are six ways to keep your plumbing hidden.

1. Install Bathroom Furniture

If you are trying to hide the plumbing for your sink, consider replacing it with a bathroom vanity unit. This is a very effective way of concealing the pipes around your basin. This also allows you to combine your sink with a storage unit, making it functional and decorative at the same time.

Other than vanity furniture, you might want to consider a cistern unit as well. It is designed to conceal the back of your toilet or its cistern within the furniture. This creates a cleaner and more minimalist bathroom style that’s both beautiful and easy to maintain. You can also use its top for decorative objects or extra storage.

2. Use a Pedestal Basin

A pedestal basin has a pedestal or a shroud that is designed to be mounted to the floor. Since it extends down, it’s effective in hiding any unsightly pipework under your sink. You also have more choices when it comes to pedestal basins as they come in a wide variety of styles and sizes that’s perfect for any type of bathroom.

3. Make a Fake Wall

If you have pipes that run around your bathroom walls, you can hide them by building a fake wall. To make sure it will look great and to avoid problems in the future, best hire a builder for the project. This is a great option if you want to avoid any major structural work in your home. Also, it’s cost-effective too. Just make sure to call a plumber Croydon professional so your toilet and basin will still fit neatly in your new wall.

4. Box the Pipes

If you want to work with the existing fixtures that you have but still want to hide your plumbing system, then boxing them in is your best option. This may even save you from calling in builders or plumbers – of course, if you have the skills and experience. Using your tools and some pieces of wood, you can create a box that extends to the floor to hide the pipes that run low. This can also serve as a shelf and extra storage space.

5. Decoration

Looking for the easiest way to hide your plumbing? Consider decorating your pipes instead. You can paint the pipework and match it with the colour of your wall. This way, it can blend in more. Or you can use decorative pipe wrapping and cover your pipes with stylish designs that match your bathroom.

6. Call a Plumber

Your last option to make your bathroom look just the way you want it to be is to conceal the pipes under the floor or in the wall with the help of a plumber. While this is a more disruptive and expensive option, it is the best way to keep your bathroom space clear and neat since you don’t have to put in boxes and furniture to hide anything.

To do this, you will need the services of your trusted plumber in Croydon or local plumbing company. They are the only ones permitted by law to work with your pipes and move them around. Just make sure to hire reliable and licensed plumbers like Inspired Plumbing to avoid having to deal with sloppy work.

If you’re interested or you simply want to know how much this type of service can cost, you can call Inspired Plumbing at (02) 9190 6764.


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