How To Maintain Security Rolling Grilles?


Ways to Maintain Security Rolling Grilles – A Brief Overview

Many shop owners seek the strongest safety measures and have been applying the age-old wisdom of protecting their shop windows with security rolling grilles from break-ins. In light of turbulent events, these roll down industry style shields can help prevent massive impacts from destroying shop goods and lower insurance premiums. However, their long-term maintenance is also key. For those new to security rolling grille maintenance, this blog will provide some ideas for helping these to perform at top-notch capacity.

Steps for Maintaining Your Security Rolling Grille

Reasons Security Rolling Grille Maintenance is Important

The continuous maintenance of security rolling grilles is critical, mainly because, like any metal, it will eventually rust and corrode. Additionally, oil is required to help prevent it from getting stuck in places as the lubrication needs to be reapplied. It is severely recommended that this equipment is specifically maintained by a professional to prevent injury.

Regular and Deep Cleaning Techniques for Your Security Rolling Grille

Let’s keep it simple! Using a detergent soap and lukewarm water, you can remove much of the dirt and debris build-up on your rolling grille. Soaps such as Dawn, Joy, and other affordable brand names are great for use. After scrubbing with a large sponge or towel, you must rinse the door with clean water before drying it completely with a large cellulose sponge. This is for the purpose of preventing rust. For deep scrubbing to get rid of thicker debris that can’t be easily removed, it is noted that you must spray a cloth or rag with an all-purpose cleaner and not directly onto the security rolling grille. Again, repeat the process of rinsing off the door after it has been scrubbed with the cleaner then completely dry the surface. Never use an abrasive scrubber or scrape the surface of the rolling grille as that may damage its integrity.

What Oils Might a Professional Use

Before applying oils for creaky and noisy metal doors that may have gotten jammed, try vacuuming out the debris between the crooks and crannies of the rolling grille first. Next the application of a grease or oil can be applied with a regular paint brush. Mineral oil works just fine on metallic gear and metal bearings. Another oil that works is LUBCON, which has been tested as having a longer lifespan in comparison to its more well-known counterpart. Once applied, clean up any excess oil that may have dripped in places.

 Eco-Friendly and Healthy Products to Use

If you really care about the environment, try applying all natural products to help prevent run-off which may influence the nearby ecosystem. For example, plant-based soaps work just as well as their chemical counterparts, and are gentler on nature.

Maintenance Advice for Security Rolling Grilles

It is recommended that any kind of maintenance is better left up to the professionals. There are stellar providers that can offer assistance and help. According to Industrial Door Solution security rolling grilles, maintenance services must be performed monthly or bi-monthlly. Continuous maintenance is required for improved long-term function.

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