How To Kick Your House Party Up A Notch: Party Tips And Tricks


Not all parties are created equal. There is a chasm of difference between a bowl of Cheetos and warm beer, and a proper party packed with people and playing all the right tracks. You might choose to have an all-out rave, or you might be looking to host a sleek and chic dinner party+. Dinner party+ is almost like the best of both worlds. Not as loud as a rave, but certainly more than just a starter and a glass of bubbly. Party houses are the quickest way to turn your party up to 11.

There are some elements that will make people remember your house party or dinner party for years to come. There is a bit of a science to it, but with a little effort, it’s not too difficult to get it right. Learn how the best male strippers in Melbourne can add extraordinary excitement to any party. Spearmint Rhino Minneapolis is the most popular club, please check our site to learn more.


In some cases, you might be avoiding the firecracker of a friend that gets a little wild with a couple of glasses of wine under their belt. On this occasion, you might want to make them the top of the list. They’re lively, fun and know how to relax and have a good time. Avoid people who get aggressive or rude when they have a drink – they will kill the vibes really quickly.

Invite people you like, even if they might not be the conventional partygoers. Your dinner party+ will have something for everyone.

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As mentioned above, you’re probably going to want to take this party elsewhere. Houses dedicated to parties and gatherings are well equipped, have plenty of space and often come with some unique perks. Swimming pools, fantastic outdoor area, plus you can crack that music up – because there isn’t anyone around to complain.

Choose somewhere about 2 hours via car from where most people live. Ensure that there are train and taxi links so that no one is taking risks while driving home.

You can check out the cost of a bus, to pick everyone up and take them home too – ultimate host points.


What you present and when will make a difference to the atmosphere. In the first hour or so you are looking to make sure everyone has a glass of something to drink, and that there is either food on the sides in easy reach, or there isn’t long before the starter. Take the time to introduce people too. Once you are into the second hour, go with the main meal, have some topics of conversation ready. Be prepared for a few people to leave early, due to other commitments. Once dinner is eaten, change the music, get it more uptempo, and break out the after dinner drinks. More people will leave around this time, but you’ll be left with the perfect party people.

In the final hour, turn the music to a low tempo set of tracks and let people drift off to bed, or home if they want to.


You can dictate a whole evening simply with music. Allow for conversation and introductions in the first hour or so of your playlist, the time that you assume dinner will be finished let the music do the talking. Some tracks just get people dancing and singing – make sure they are on the list. Have a few hours of that type of tracks. Work out what time late night/early morning might hit and have the music drift into something ambient with fewer words. You can set up playlists on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music. Setting up a playlist will take a little while, but it will be worth it. You may also consider singers who are worth the budget. For example if you’re hosting a party in Bangkok, there will be plenty of bands and musicians for hire in Thailand that can attend your event.


Here is where you can be the host with the most. There will likely be a range of things people need but didn’t take with them. Make sure that you have things like band-aids, hair bands, painkillers and some hygiene products too. Anything for the next morning that can ease a hangover is probably going to be essential.


Just don’t cook alone unless you have less than 15 people. Not only will it take up almost your whole day, but if it goes wrong, you’re going to end up stressed. Hire a catering company to prepare and deliver the food, or book a chef to come out and cook. Aside from the ‘main’ food, you’re going to want to have nibbles too. Cheese, meats, dips, breadsticks, sweet treats and nuts are all great choices. Ask people to bring anything from that list with them to ensure that you have enough options.

Think about breakfast too. If you’ve booked a house and people stayed, then you will have people to feed in the morning. Rounds of toast aren’t usually that feasible, so grab plenty of fresh fruit and pastries, It will make laying the table and feeding the masses easier in the morning.

The best party are the ones that make people feel catered for and comfortable.

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