How to Improve Functionality and Design in Your Small Bathroom


Do you have a small bathroom in your home that is looking tired and worn? Does it lack in design and personality? Just because it is a small room doesn’t mean you can’t have big design aspirations, as you can still make the bathroom look beautiful, relaxing, and spa-like. With a well-thought-out design plan, you can also improve functionality in the space and even make it appear larger.

So, before you decide there’s not much you can do to improve your small bathroom, here’s a look at some design tips you can use to get maximum results.

Use a Mirror to Your Advantage

A mirror is a staple in any bathroom, but did you know it’s more than just being functional? Mirrors are often used by professional interior designers as a way to make a small space appear bigger. They are able to reflect light (from light fixtures and windows) and create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. The trick is to hang the mirror strategically so that it is able to reflect that light. It’s also wise to go as big as the space allows, rather than hanging a small mirror.

A Vanity is Multi-Functional

If your small bathroom only has a pedestal style sink, it’s time to replace it with something much more functional and stylish. Choosing a small streamlined vanity with cupboards will give you a place to store essentials. Clearing clutter from the bathroom is an excellent way to make it feel bigger and fresher.

Paint Can Transform the Room

Here’s a small bathroom upgrade that is an absolute must-do and that is to give the room a fresh coat of paint. But rather than just randomly picking a color that appeals to you, it’s important to think about how that color will look in a small space. You want to steer clear of any dark color palettes as this actually makes spaces appear even smaller. Instead, opt for light, bright, neutrals that create a sense of and space. These lighter colors will also do a better job reflecting the light.

Consider Just a Shower

Sometimes a small bathroom just feels that way because there is too much crammed into the space. If your bathroom currently has a separate shower stall and tub, you may want to consider removing one to create extra space. Often homeowners can get by just fine with a shower stall. Just think how much floor space that will open up. It could even allow you to go with a bigger vanity and more storage.

Flooring Should Reflect the Same Color Palette

Then there is the flooring, which truly anchors the entire design. Just like with the paint color, you want to keep it light and bright so you’ve got that natural flow. It will make everything look new, clean, crisp, and modern.

Your Small Bathroom Doesn’t Have to Be a Negative

As you try to figure out how to update your small bathroom, these design tips and tricks will help you to see the space doesn’t have to be a negative and there are still lots you can do.

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