How To Convert A Portable Shipping Container Into An Office Space


With the economy in shambles and all of the people who are looking for work trying to move from one location to another, there’s a big demand for alternative offices that are flexible and cost-effective. A shipping container office is one of the most popular options for businesses and freelancers today.

Why Convert A Portable Shipping Container Into An Office Space?

Portable storage containers are ideal space savers because these structures are virtually indistinguishable from regular office cubicles. You can easily convert a shipping container into a functional and professional-looking portable shipping container office.

But converting a portable storage box into an office room is not an easy job, and not even for professionals. To ensure better outcomes, it’s best to hire a shipping container professional for this project. You can also rent 40ft shipping containers from MMPS.

Converting A Shipping Container Into An Office

If you’re interested in creating a functional office space and saving money by converting a portable storage container to an office room, read on to find out some of the best ways to convert a storage container into a comfortable work area.

Determine the Purpose

An important factor that will determine the space you’ll need is the purpose of your office. If you’re interested in opening up an office in a commercial area, such as a big city, you’ll probably need to rent large spaces. However, if you’re planning to open a shop or a cafe, a simple shipping container will provide enough space for a good-sized business.

Some of the smaller office spaces can fit inside a shipping container. They’re perfect for businesses that need additional space but can’t afford to purchase a huge space in an upscale commercial center.

Cargo koneiner converted into an office. 3d rendering

Decide on the Material

Some of the major challenges with conversion are dealing with the interior of portable storage containers. Many storage units are made of metal. Choose a high-quality shipping container made of steel or other durable metals.

Design the Layout

Choose the best office layout by taking note of the square footage of the shipping container. Sketch your layout and determine the best placement of office furniture such as computer desks, file cabinets, and shelves.

Here are some important considerations:

Think about the floor plan for the container. If you intend to convert the container into a single room, you can use your limited space to construct a cubicle or some other enclosed office. However, if you want to have an open floor plan, you’ll have to build a larger room.

Determine how you’ll get power in the converted office. It’s easy to run into a problem when converting an open floor plan if you don’t have the power to turn on lights and appliances. That’s why you need a dedicated electrical source for the whole space.

Placement considerations should include windows and doors. Make sure that the shipping container office receives enough ventilation for a safe and healthy working space.

Paint the Unit

Most portable storage containers are fully functional after the conversion process, but there are many other things you can do or add to personalize the space and make it more suitable for you needs. There are many simple additions you can do before starting, such as painting the ceiling, floor, walls, and other areas of the room. A fresh coat of paint can instantly transform the look of a unit.

Furnish It and Make It Comfortable

Convert a portable storage box into a comfortable and functional office. Here’s how:

It’s important to properly assemble the furniture. Consider getting a wooden work station, or an adjustable table to give you more flexibility when designing the room layout.

If possible, include a separate table or area in the room dedicated to all computers and other electronic devices. Also, when assembling the furniture, consider going for matching cabinets to serve as a great finishing touch.

For small office spaces, consider getting a small desk and chair with built-in storage, or purchasing a few smaller tables and desktops.

If you’re planning to purchase your furniture online, get them in bulk as this it will cost a lot less than purchasing individual pieces.

Hire Conversion Services

Startup businesses have a lot to gain from using portable shipping containers as an office. Before starting the process of converting a portable storage container into office furniture, consider contacting a company that specializes in office furnishing. Many of these companies offer conversion services, so you can have the whole office converted without spending too much time or resources.


When choosing your shipping container office, find one that will work with the furniture that you already have at your existing office. This might raise the price of the shipping container office because you’ll need more space, but you should also realize that it’s just as crucial to ensure that you’re comfortable and safe when you’re working.

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