How to Choose the Right Air Con Unit Size For Your Home


Choosing the right size of air con units is one of the most important decisions you should make before investing in an air conditioner. Buying an oversized AC unit may cool your room too quickly, but you will encounter inefficient on and off cycles. Not to mention that an oversized unit will consume more electricity, and thus add to your power bills.

On the other hand, an undersized unit will be underpowered and may not cool your room in the right way.

Below are some of the tips to help you choose the right air con units size;

Square footage

One of the major factors that determine the right size of air conditioner that suits your home is the square footage of the room you need to cool.

Taking into consideration the square footage of your home as well as the heat loss/gain and environment conditions in your area will give you a great estimate for what size of AC unit your need.

Here is a rough guide to the right size of air conditioner capacity that you need to cool different room sizes;

Room size


Approximate AC Unit Capacity

Small (up to 20m2)

Study room, bedroom, or small kitchen

2-2.5 kW

Medium (20-40m2)

Small lounge or bedroom with ensuite

2.5-5 kW

 Large (40-60m2)

 Large kitchen or large bedroom


 Extra-large (60+m2)

 Large lounges


Square footage is the first factor you need to consider when choosing an air conditioner size, but there are other factors you should take into consideration, including;

Ceiling. What is the width, height, and ceiling length? While floor space is important, the total room volume is also crucial. A room with high ceilings will require you to have a relatively larger AC unit.

Insulation. Are your walls and ceilings insulated? What is on the top and underneath the room? A room with ceiling insulation is more thermally efficient than a room with a ceiling insulation.

Orientation. Where does your room or home face? If the room has west-facing windows, it means that it will be hotter in the summer. A shaded or southern-facing window will make a room cooler. Also, the number of windows impact on the temperatures of your room.

Number of occupants. A room may be small, but if it is often occupied by many people, then you will need to take this consideration when determining the right size of air con unit to install.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right air con unit size for your home means knowing your home’s cooling needs first. Most people follow the traditional rule of thumb, whereby they just take into consideration the room size. However, this method leaves out several important factors that could have a major effect on your comfort.

In order to get it right with the size of your air conditioner, it is important that you get into contact with an HVAC technician in your locality who will take all the factors into consideration and tell you the right size of the air conditioner that you need to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home temperature.

Make sure you choose an experienced air conditioner expert who is armed with the knowledge gained from load calculations.


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