How to Choose a Bidet for a Small Bathroom


Having a bidet in a bathroom isn’t something unique or new. However, most people prefer to use a standard set of plumbing: toilet, sink, bath, or shower, and rarely think about toilet and bidet combination especially, if the bathroom is small to accommodate two plumbing options. That’s why many house owners refuse to have a bidet.

The question of what plumbing to install depends primarily on the area and number of plumbing facilities in your house. In large cottages or individually planned apartments, everything is in the hands of a customer. If you are an owner of a miniature restroom, the modern market of plumbing has some options for you. Check them out and decide which one will fit your design the most.

The Best Choice for a Small Lavatory: Toilet with a Bidet Feature

This option is a top choice for those who have a bathroom that does not accommodate two items for maintaining hygiene. The most compact and useful option is a toilet with a bidet function. Such a toilet type combines the features of a toilet and bidet and saves space. On the other hand, it is not cheap plumbing, and the dimensions of the combined toilet still exceed the dimensions of a standard bidet. Though, in this case, manufacturers offer devices in different sizes and option kits. For example, the most widespread option is a toilet with a hygienic, flexible hose, which does not reduce the toilet’s size.

The basic floor-standing bidet

The classic solution will come in handy if you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Such a scheme’s advantages are obvious: structurally, such a bidet is simple (therefore affordable), and it’s easier to install and maintain. So, if you are a fan of a toilet/bidet combo, take a look at miniature bidets with smart design.

A wall-mounted bidet

Another option for a small restroom is a wall-mounted bidet that takes very little space. I’ll lie if I say that such plumbing is affordable. But investing in your comfort is worth it, isn’t it? Installing such a bidet requires a specialist and proper maintenance. A wall-mounted bidet looks stylish and minimalistic.

A toilet with a bidet lid

Such a system can be easily confused with a conventional toilet lid: the external difference here is in the levers or buttons located on the seat (if you choose an electronically controlled plumbing). This system is relatively easy to install and, at the same time, can be very functional. The simplest options do not take much time to install: you just need to supply water to them. More expensive models require an electrical connection, as they have a set of additional functions: smooth lifting and lowering of the lid, heated water and seats, hairdryer, hydromassage, air purification, and aromatization.

Shape & Design

The range of shapes and designs of the bidet is huge: from the most convenient and efficient oval bowl to design delights. Rectangular and geometric bidets are more appropriate for minimalist bathrooms. For those who are more into fancy styling, the designers have cool solutions. For example, some manufacturers equip their products with colored lighting.

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