Home decorations and how little things can brighten up the house


The home is the place where we live and spend most of the time of our life, for most people it is a haven from the harsh outside world and daily affairs of life.

The way you decorate and design the interior of your house is very crucial for not just you but also the people who visit your house as guests.

The color of your walls, the curtains the furniture, and the floor all play a very important role in enhancing the beauty of your house.

For example, the wooden floors are very good looking and they give a classic vintage Victorian house look and are very easy compared to the traditional carpets, many companies such as Stories Flooring provide Cheap wooden flooring.

Importance of the home decoration

We have often heard the old saying that the “first impressions are the last impression”.

This saying is true in the area of home décor as the person as soon as he enters the house take a look at how it’s decorated.

The colors of walls play a significant role in enhancing the look of your house, the bright dark colors can make your house look suffocating.

While the white color of off-white color makes your house look more spacious and gives peace to mind and eyes.

There are some ways through which you can make your house appear more beautiful and eye-catching and some of these are:

The color of the house’s front door

The color of the front door plays a very important role in the enhancement of your house look. If you wanted to make a strong first impression on your guests then painting the front door in a funky glossy hue might help.

As we know that the red color is considered lucky in many cultures and traditions all around the world and America it meant welcome to exhausted travelers who just came back from an exhausting day.

The two other colors are orange and yellow, as the yellow and the orange color are based on warmth, joy, and pleasure and these colors are cold in contrast so they have a very good impact on the brain.

The color of the walls

As we have discussed earlier the color of the walls plays a very crucial role in the beautification of the house.

The colors of the house walls must be neutral and light-toned, the reason behind that is the flexibility of redecorating the house and its accessories.

The neutral colors are very excellent in this regard as they can properly match them with the color of furniture and the multi-colored accessories as well.

The perfect choice would be the selection of colors like beige, white, or grey most especially for the first floor of the house.

These colors make your house look cool and breathable making your interior appear more spacious than before.

Arrangement of living room

The arrangement of the living room is also very important in the decoration and the beautification of the house.

Let’s imagine a beautiful hotel lobby, the furniture there is arranged in such a manner that the big group or a small group of friends and family can sit in such a way that they all face each other.

In this way everyone can take part in conversations, the best arrangement is the U-shaped arrangement consisting of a sofa and two chairs that are facing each other at the end of a dining table.

Or you can go for an H-shaped arrangement consisting of a sofa and two chairs that are facing each other consisting of a coffee table in the middle so that everyone has a nice conversation over a cup of warm and nice coffee.

The most common mistake that the people make is the arrangement of all the furniture along the walls, the people do this because they think that in this way, they will be able to get the most usable space making the room appear spacious.

The kitchen should be in the sun’s direction

The kitchen should be designed in such a way that the natural light fills in to brighten the look of the kitchen.

Instead of designing the windows with heavy and ugly outdated drapes, your windows are much better without them.

If the kitchen is getting a lot of natural light then selecting light colors for the decoration will be best as it will make it appear spacious and bright.

The curtains must be of cotton or silk blends as they stay in place and hang well in comparison to other fabrics.

There should be at least one mirror in all room

The mirrors are important and you must hang one in every room, the reason behind that is they will make space appear brighter as they will reflect the light into the room.

The mirrors should be placed perpendicular to the windows so that it reflects the light into the room filling it with natural light.

Artwork is necessary

The artwork is very necessary as it gives an artistic touch to your house. Hanging pictures and sceneries on the wall is a good idea.

The picture must be hanged at such an angle on the wall that it matches eye level so if you are tall and your partner is short then the average of their heights must be the place on the wall where the frame should be hanged.

Also, if there is a large wall in your house then you must select an oversized picture or a group of the small little picture to cover the emptiness of the big wall.


As you can see now that it is the little things that are responsible for the beautification of the house.

Instead of expensive things and accessories, the little things like the choice of proper paint as well as the curtains and proper lighting in the house make it look more beautiful.

So instead of wasting time and money on the accessories and other things focusing on these things will give you more satisfactory results without spending too much money.

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