Getting the Most out of Your Air Purifier


Air purifiers are very helpful in cleaning the air to prevent allergy attacks and respiratory illnesses. They purify the air by eliminating dust, dirt, pet dander, molds and other allergens. It also eliminates odors and keeps your indoor air fresh. But it doesn’t always mean that if you have an air purifier up and running in your indoors, it will always work its magic. Of course you must know how to use it properly and clean it regularly to get the most out of your air purifiers.

Here are some tips to better use your air purifier:

1. Buy the right air purifier for your needs

If you haven’t bought an air purifier yet and you’re planning to buy one, choose one that is right for you. Consider the size of the area you want to put it in. A small or medium-sized purifier can work in a bedroom or kitchen, while a bigger one will be appropriate for a spacious living room. You can’t get the most out of an air purifier if you buy something too small for a big room.

Moreover, you also need to know what kind of pollutant you want your air purifier to prioritize. For instance, if you or someone in your household have allergy or asthma, it’s best to go for air purifiers with certified HEPA filters and multi-stage systems. This can reduce allergens like dog hair, dander, molds, dust and the like. This type of air purifiers, and even those with HEPA-like filters can work well if your reason for buying is to keep your indoor air fresh.

If the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your home is a greater concern, buy one with carbon filters that effectively reduces such. Air purifiers come with different filters and you can’t expect it to serve a purpose it wasn’t designed for. Knowing your air purifying needs must be your number one priority to avoid buying a mistake.

2. Know how long to keep it on

An air purifier must be left on at all times if there is someone in your household prone to allergies or asthma. You must leave them on also even when you’re headed out, because you don’t want to come back home to polluted air. If you’re concerned about energy usage, you can turn the fan speed to low. The good news is, most air purifiers don’t require a lot of energy, as it only consumes about the same amount as your computer. Air purification is a continuous process – you can’t run it for a couple of hours and expect clean air immediately.

For people who aren’t suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory illnesses, you can choose to leave air purifiers on for the whole day or only while sleeping. But still, it’s best to keep them on at all times, since most new air purifiers today don’t consume a lot of electricity.

3. Keep it in the same room

If you have only one air purifier, it’s best to place it in your bedroom, since this is where you spend most of your time. An average person spends a third of their life sleeping, so it’s best to leave them in the same room at all time. As we mentioned earlier, cleaning the air is a continuous process, so bringing it to different rooms and putting it wherever you are doesn’t make it effective. You can expect best results if you keep it running the whole day in one place.

4. Place it properly

Where and how you place your air purifier also matters. Putting it too low or too high can cause it to be ineffective in purifying the air. You must also point the flow of clean air towards your breathing zone, so that clean air flows towards you. But if you leave it on at your bedroom all times, it won’t matter which way it is pointed. However, if it’s in a large office building, you must point the clean air towards your face.

Air purifiers need to breathe as well, so don’t place it against walls. It must have some space to breathe at the back, and ensure that it has a few feet of clearance on the sides, front and top to let clean air circulate better.

5. Replace filters on time and clean regularly

As your air purifier collect more pollutants, they lose their efficiency. You’ll need to clean and maintain it regularly to make sure it will operate optimally. Follow the replacement guidelines and instructions in your air purifier manual. Usually, air purifiers with HEPA or carbon filters must get replaced every year. Filters can be a bit pricey, but don’t postpone changing them to save some bucks – you’ll just be reducing the effectiveness of your air purifier, which contradicts the sole purpose of you using it. Follow guidelines on how to clean the air purifier as well.

6. Do some little, extra efforts to help your air purifier

Your air purifier will work best if you do some little efforts to help it work more effectively. First thing is to keep your doors and windows closed, so that the clean and purified air won’t escape. It works more efficiently in confined spaces. Make sure there are no leaks in the doors, windows or roofs. This will prevent outdoor air to seep into your home. Sealing the leaks can also save your air purifier from doing more work.

Air purifiers will do less work in a room with no carpets and upholstered furniture. These things hold germs and allergens. But if you need carpets and upholstery, make sure the air purifier is at the right setting to effectively reduce dust, dirt and allergens caught by these items.

Do not smoke indoors. Also, avoid cleaning or removing the dusty filter of your air purifier indoors – it will just spread what you have already caught.

If you have pets, restrict them to a particular area or keep them outside so that exposure to allergens would be minimized.

Avoid putting your air purifier in a room that is too hot or too cold. Extreme temperatures can restrict air flow and will cause a strain on your air purifiers.

If you’re living in a place with a humid climate, your house is more prone to mold and mildew. Reduce humidity in your house to allow air purifiers to work better.

Air purifiers can help ensure that you and your loved ones are inhaling clean air, but it also needs your help to work properly and effectively. Make sure you follow this tips to get the most out of it.


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