Furniture You Need For Your Dog


Dog Beds

When it’s time to rest, every dog loves to curl up in a fluffy, cushy nook. The dog bed is probably the most essential piece of dog furniture in existence.

A lot of pet owners try to discourage their larger animals from jumping onto their couch cushions. Adding a dog bed to your living room helps curb this behavior, if that’s your intention. Your buddy will have his very own soft space to relax with your family.

Even if he has free reign of your living space, a dog bed is the best option for joint comfort. It’s recommended by veterinarians that adult dogs have a supportive, cushioning surface on which to lie. As their bones and joints age, resting on the couch or on a hard floor can exacerbate joint pain. Choose a bed with plenty of cushion, but isn’t too high for your older dog to access comfortably.

One of the best parts about dog beds is that they come in a range of sizes, colors, and styles. A good dog bed can fit in with the decor of your home, or even match your dog’s unique personality. It’s safe and easy to clean them, too. If you don’t have one yet, add a dog bed to your furniture collection and see how happy your dog will be!

Dog Kennels

If your dog loves being outside, she’ll need to be able to take refuge in a dog kennel, or dog house. Some owners let their dogs run free in a fenced-in area during the day. This can be a lot of fun for them, but when it starts raining, don’t let your dog get soaked. Check out the updated list of the best Outdoor Dog Kennels with run you can purchase online.

A good kennel is warm, waterproof, stands up to the elements over time, and is big enough to provide your dog with a safe, comfortable shelter. A kennel should also have room for a soft cushion for resting and plenty of dog toys to keep her entertained. The adventurous outdoor canine life is incomplete without one.

Dog Crates

A dog crate is indispensable while training puppies. Although your puppy will eventually learn that chewing clothes, shoes, and furniture is off-limits, keeping your growing pup in the crate while you’re away will keep your stuff safe from the chaos. Use the crate until they’ve outgrown the rampant chewing and you know they can be trusted around your possessions. This process could take six months or more. There are many resources available online to show you how to guide your pup into good behavior with crate training, or you can ask your veterinarian.

Adjusting to their humans’ daily schedules is important for a new pup. They’re more likely to sleep through the night in adulthood if you can establish a good rhythm of bedtime and waking time early on. One of the best tools you can use for this is a dog crate. When you go to bed, allow the pups to sleep in the crate all night. Once they know the difference between bedtime and playtime, your life will get a lot easier.  Also make sure you consider options for Waterproof Beds as well.

If you have a dog who’s normally sweet and well-behaved, but tends to get a little too excited in the presence of visitors, it’s helpful to keep a crate on-hand. Even if your dog has outgrown it for training, you still might need to crate your dog occasionally if he can’t control his excitement around other humans or dogs.

Dog Carriers

For the smaller canine friend, you’ll need a way to make him portable. For visits to the vet (and even social visits) a carrier should keep your small dog safe in the car. Look for a carrier with comfortable straps, and read the specs to make sure it can support his full weight. For flying, airlines will have their own size restrictions and requirements for dog carriers, ask before you fly.

On day trips to town with your dog, there’s no better or more adorable way to give him a break from his feet than a dog stroller. Keep water and food in the storage compartment, and when it’s time to push him around, you’re sure to elicit some smiles.

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