Drains Blocked By Tree Roots


Living in a house in Australia most likely means you’re spending a lot of time embellishing your garden. Trees and shrubs definitely add to the aesthetics of it all. Not to mention that they provide you with the perfect space for relaxation, offering shade during those hot summer days. Did you, however, know that there is a downside to those trees and shrubs in your yard? What could that possibly be?

Ever heard of blocked drains? Here’s how to clear them: https://www.thesituation.com.au/how-to-remove-tree-roots-from-drain-pipes/

Yes, blocked drains. That’s the reason why those trees you’re keeping in your yard aren’t always your friends. We’re not suggesting you get rid of them, though, as that would be wrong on a whole different level. In fact, it would be wrong on numerous different levels. Would be a shame to lose the shade they provide, among other things.

What can you do instead, then? Since you have amazing reasons to keep the trees, you’ll need to find a different way to deal with the blocked drains. And, if you’re hoping you’ll be lucky enough not to be hit by this problem, let me tell you right away that nobody can avoid it. As good as trees are for the yard, the roots are bound to pose a threat to your underground drains at one point or another.

So as to understand how to fix a drain blocked by tree roots, though, you’ll first need to understand how it is that those drains get blocked in the first place. Imagining roots going through the drains underground seems ludicrous, doesn’t it? No matter the image forming in your mind, and no matter how ridiculous it may seem, the truth is that your brain may very well be onto something there. You’ll know more once you get the answer to the question of how drains actually get blocked by roots, and you’ll get the answer if you keep on reading.

How Do Drains Get Blocked By Tree Roots?

It takes just a small piece of inadequately sealed pipes for roots to start making a home out of the drains. Just a little bit of softness is enough for them to penetrate the pipes, causing much trouble down the road, if not right away. And, just like an infection, when one tiny thread of the root penetrates your pipes, it will start growing and expanding, giving way for new ones to grow right in there, ultimately blocking your drains altogether.

Doesn’t sound very optimistic, does it? Well, it shouldn’t. Understanding that this is a big deal is important, because it will cause you to act faster and do everything in your power to solve the blocked drains problem before it turns into a nightmare. Once the roots get into the pipes, they will keep on growing and cause bigger cracks, which, if not properly addressed, can cause serious plumbing issues.

Clay pipes are the most vulnerable ones here. Why? Should be quite obvious. Clay is essentially soil, and it gets softer and softer when exposed to water for longer periods of time. Being soft, they become the ultimate prey for the roots, given that they are rather easy to penetrate. While it is true that clay is the most vulnerable material, don’t forget that any material, if not sealed properly at just one tiny place, can be good grounds for the roots to start spreading their tentacles, so to speak, and to keep on growing inside the pipes until the drains get completely clogged.

How To Fix A Drain Blocked By Roots?

How To Fix A Drain Blocked By Roots?

Now that you understand the process by which your drains can get blocked by tree roots, you probably have another question on your mind. How can you fix the problem? Well, there’s no one-size-fits all solution, and it all comes down to the extent of the damage. The more serious the damage, the more difficult it will be for the problem to be fixed.

The most rugged way of solving the problem consists of cutting the roots off mechanically, which only works if your pipes are not located very deep under the ground. If you can see the damage by digging up a small patch of dirt, this may be the right course of action. Also, keep in mind that this doesn’t solve the problem altogether, and that it is actually a quick fix that will have to be repeated after a while, given that the roots will just keep on growing. And, of course, proper equipment is required for this, and so are proper skills, so it would be best not to try and do it alone.

In fact, none of the methods of fixing drains blocked by roots should be done alone, without the help of professional plumbers, because you would only be risking making matters worse that way. The importance of hiring professional plumbers, as further explained on this website, should be clear to anyone who has ever had to deal with any kind of a pipe issue, be it as small as a leaky faucet or as big as a drain blockage.

Instead of focusing on removing the roots using one method or another, the mechanical removal, chemical removal, or even hydro jetting, you should be focusing on finding the right professionals in your area in Australia to actually repair the damage that’s been done and do their best to solve the problems you’re facing. Not hiring professionals is only bound to lead to even more serious issues, ultimately costing more time and money to repair. Thus, focusing on hiring experts right away, that is, the moment you start suspecting your drains have been blocked by tree roots, is a must.

How do you hire the right people, though? Not a trick question. Takes work, of course, but you’ll get to do it easily if you put in the necessary effort into checking their experience with this type of work, as well as their reputation in the area of service. Being confident that you’ve found the perfect experts in your area in Australia capable of fixing the problem for you easily, feel free to contact them and schedule the service. The experts will take it from there, allowing you to relax, knowing your problems will be resolved.

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