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One of the essential home fitting materials that are used to spice up a house is carpet. It comes in a variety of styles, colors, feels, and it typically makes a place much more attractive than it would be without it. Carpets tend to harbor more dirt than other decorative materials, so they must be cleaned from time to time. Even though there are some simple cleaning methods that a house owner might use in maintaining a carpet, there may be a need to employ the services of expert cleaners, especially if the aim is to kill microorganisms and remove stains. This carpet cleaning company says here are some of the methods a professional might adopt for carpet:

Hot Water Extraction: This carpet cleaning method has been identified as one of the best, especially when removing stains. The process causes the carpet fibers to loosen up, thereby making it possible for all the dirt stains to be completely removed. When using these methods, hot water and cleaning chemicals are shot into the carpet. After this, an electrical extractor like a vacuum or a more powerful truck-mounted machine is used to extract the solution from the carpet. The solution extracted is of the dirt that was present in the carpet. This means upon extraction, the carpet becomes very clean.

Steam Cleaning: This method is often thought to be the same as the hot water extraction method, but it really isn’t. While the hot water extraction method requires hot water, steam cleaning is basically the use of steam. A machine is used to apply hot vapor on the carpet’s surface. This method helps keep the carpet fresh at all times. Although it is not as effective when it comes to a thorough cleaning and removing stains, it is the most preferred method for killing germs.

Bonnet Cleaning: It is a kind of dry carpet cleaning, unlike the techniques mentioned above that strictly require the use of water. For this method, cleaning materials are poured on the carpet, after which a bonnet is used. A bonnet is a machine that is built in such a way that it spins around, absorbing the dirt as it simultaneously uses the cleaning material to remove dirt. This method may not be the first choice of a professional cleaner as it is considered to be inadequate and destructive in some cases.

Encapsulation Cleaning: This method is quite similar to the bonnet cleaning technique. It also involves the use of a rotary brush machine or even an actual bonnet. Unlike the bonnet cleaning method, it uses absorbent liquid and gives better results.

Shampooing: This is probably one of the oldest carpet cleaning and conceivably the most preferred. During this process, the carpet is thoroughly scrubbed by the shower feed brush of the machine used. It is important to always vacuum first before proceeding to scrub with shampoo solution as it gives a more satisfactory result. It is an all-round method that covers all that needs to be done.

Dry Compound Cleaning: This method involves the use of specialized compounds. These compounds have cleaning materials embedded in them, and they are very tiny in size. The texture is quite soft, so they have no adverse effect on the carpet. To execute this process, the compound is poured on the carpet, and an expert machine known as the CRB machine is used to brush the material against the carpet fiber. This compound is left on the carpet to absorb the carpet dirt, after which it is carefully swept off the carpet. It is undoubtedly the method with the quickest drying time as it doesn’t involve the use of any liquid material.

Vacuum Wash: As opposed to the other methods that require a cleaning solution, the vacuum wash cleaning method doesn’t. It is mainly a maintenance cleaning method that doesn’t really require professional expertise. A vacuum cleaner is simply used to absorb moisture from the carpet after the allowance of water penetration into the carpet material. This is possibly the cheapest carpet cleaning method there is.

The technique to learn cleaning a carpet is often dependent on the type of the carpet as well as the extent of the dirt contained in it. Even though the techniques seem to be similar, they can be easily differentiated by an expert. Some carpet techniques are frequently picked over others for their overall efficiency. Admittedly, choosing the most appropriate method to be used in carpet cleaning is best decided by a cleaning professional.

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