Construction Firms: 7 Essential Tips For Client Communication


Construction companies are definitely among the most intimidating, complex, and cutting-edge of all business types. They employ thousands of people who work long days doing hard labor while still having to meet budgets and deadlines on top of ensuring quality is built into each project. 

The clients’ projects they receive range from homes to shopping malls, office buildings, bridges, and skyscraper using West Virginia excavators at Boom & Bucket. The variety of projects a construction company can undertake is about as versatile as the tasks to be completed by a wide range of employees, from electricians and carpenters to project managers and office personnel.

Like in any other field, client relationships are crucial in the construction field. Managers and contractors must first learn and ultimately advance their communication skills, given the complexities surrounding client communications in construction settings. 

Clear Sky Construction Inc. offers amazing tips on the essentials of client communication. Here are ways you can improve your client communications.

Communicate Often And With Quality Information 

Each time you communicate with your client, be it through email or in person, what you say should contain valuable content that will help them to better understand the project. Provide both written and visual content so they can understand what is being described. Use connected data solutions software to analyze your projects and reduce waiting times for your reports. Find your reports faster and use that data to ensure there aren’t any surprises and help address any possible concerns early on in the project life cycle.

Communicate With The Right Person 

This may seem like an obvious tip, but communicating with the wrong client representative is common for some construction companies. Your client has multiple people working on their behalf to ensure that each detail of their project is understood. If you’re not sure who the right person is, find out.

Use Follow-Up Calls Or Emails

If you know that certain questions need to be answered, make it a point to contact your client within 24 hours of the meeting or call. This will let them know how much they are appreciated and also provide timely feedback, which can help solve a problem before it becomes a complete disaster. Using email to fax classified documents especially blueprints and other construction plans would also be a safer way especially if your digital fax solutions offer encryption and high security features.

Be Honest About What You Can And Cannot Do

Sometimes, a client will request something on the project that is impossible to achieve or may have been forgotten earlier in the process. Don’t be afraid to inform them of this from the very beginning, so they don’t get their hopes up thinking there is a solution. It may cause them to be disappointed, but it will keep them from giving you impossible tasks that could delay the project even further, which would be far worse.

Keep In Touch With Your Client

Be sure to provide updates on your progress throughout each part of the design and construction process, so your client is never left in the dark about what is going on. If you don’t, they will feel like a third wheel and become disinterested in the process, which could also create doubt about your professionalism.

Be Transparent With Financial Information 

Throughout the project, keep your client informed of how much money has been spent and what is anticipated to be spent next. This will give them a better understanding of where their budget is going and if it’s on track with the remainder of the project.

Maintain Open Lines Of Communication

It may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes, construction projects can create some tension between you and your client that could be avoided if more time was invested into clarifying any misunderstandings that occur. When something comes up, address it immediately so you will have a clear understanding of what the expectations are.

Even when you are in the middle of a project, communication with your client should never stop. If these seven tips seem like common sense to you, they probably are. But for some construction companies, they aren’t practiced as often as they should be, which can cause irreparable damage to your relationship with your client and ultimately hurt your business in the long run.

Be sure to incorporate these tips into your everyday business practices and watch as your client becomes more satisfied, engaged, and eager to work with you again.

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