Garage Electrical System Maintenance

Garage electrical System Maintenance

Your garage, be it attached or detached, is more than just a storage space for your car; it’s an integral part of your home.  Maintaining your garage’s electrical system is crucial for ensuring safety and efficiency. Often overlooked, the garage can pose hidden electrical hazards, and adopting a proactive approach to maintenance … Read more

Smart Garages – Advantages for Convenience and Home Security


In today’s modern world, technological innovations continue to make our lives easier and more convenient. Smart homes have gained popularity for their ability to streamline daily tasks and enhance security, and one of the key components in this transformation is the smart garage. Let’s delve into the world of smart garages, beginning … Read more

Maintaining Your Garage Floor: Tips and Best Practices

Clean Garage Area

Maintaining a clean and well-kept garage floor is more than just a cosmetic concern. The effects of dirt, leaks, stains, and debris on your garage floor can lead to deterioration and safety hazards, making regular cleaning and maintenance essential. Concrete garage floors offer numerous benefits, including adding value to your home, sustainability, … Read more

The Benefits of Epoxy Garage Flooring

Epoxy flloring

Epoxy flooring is a robust and resilient surface created by applying epoxy coatings to different types of substrates, including concrete, wood, tile, and linoleum. Epoxy coatings consist of a two-part liquid resin and a liquid hardener, which, when mixed and applied properly, form a strong bond to the substrate. This eliminates the … Read more

Famous Garages

Famous Garages

Great things come from small beginnings, as we say. Many of the biggest corporations, global companies and empires started out in a small neighborhood garage. But without these determined, innovative and enterprising individuals who formed their famous businesses in a small garage, we wouldn’t have benefited from their products and services that … Read more

The History of Garages

The History of Garages

Tracing the history of garages is like unfolding the story of automotive progress and our changing lifestyle preferences. Initially conceived as simple shelters for the first automobiles, garages have evolved into essential components of the modern home, reflecting advances in design, technology, and culture. The transformation of the garage from basic carriage … Read more