Blue and Gold Christmas Theme: Tips and Ideas

Blue and gold is a classic color combination that perfectly embodies the spirit of the holidays — bright, bold, and festive. The vivid hues can create a cheerful environment for your holiday party. Or you can also try using blue and gold for your next Christmas decorating ideas.

If you choose to turn your Christmas decor blue and gold for this year’s theme, here are some pointers to help you along the way!

Start with the Tree Color

According to a piece of recent news, the artificial Christmas tree industry faces a shortage of supply. Hence, most Americans are placing their orders as soon as possible ahead of the holiday season.

If you choose a blue and gold Christmas tree for this year’s party, you can paint your branches with one color or another.

You should try to find paint that works best for your tree type. You can choose between metallic spray paint, which will give brighter color, or you can try out some regular spray paint!

Cool Ornament Ideas

Here is where the fun comes in! You can go with ornaments that are either blue or gold, but why limit yourself?

Mix it up a little bit and put some blue balls on top of some gold branches or gold balls on top of blue branches.

Add Some Plaid Elements

Plaid is another Christmas theme that’s been popping up on Pinterest and the rest of the Internet lately.

You can add some plaid to your blue and gold Christmas tree with wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, or even material to make some pillows for your couch! Plaid is usually associated with the holidays, but it’s even better to combine it with blue and gold.

Make Your Own Blue and Gold Wreath

It is a great way to add some blue and gold to your front door without putting everything you’ve worked for in jeopardy.

All you require is a foam wreath form, some blue material, some gold ribbon or string, a hot glue gun, and of course, the supplies needed if you choose to paint any of your ornaments!

It is sure to make your blue and gold Christmas theme stand out this year.

Try Blue and Gold Garland

You can add some festive blue and gold garland around your Christmas tree or inside your home for a classy touch!

If you choose to go with the garland, make sure it is either an artificial decor or one that can be easily cleaned up if you have kids or pets.

 Decorate the Table with Blue and Gold

You can choose the blue plates, napkins, cups, or silverware that go with your theme! You could also use a plain white table cloth accessorized with smaller blue items.

Similarly, you can choose blue flatware and add some gold embellishments on top of it. You can also use blue and gold for the tablecloth, but be careful with spills!

Use serving pieces that are either blue or gold, but it’s best to go with one of the two colors if possible. This prevents your buffet table from looking too busy and flows nicely for your guests.

Blue and gold are two colors that work perfectly together. It’s a bit glam, but most importantly, it’s incredibly festive for this time of year.

The best thing is that you can use practically any blue or gold supply to make your blue and gold decor stand out from the rest!