Best plasma cutter- The best buying guide for you


So you are looking to buying the best plasma cutter. No doubt, today’s plasma cutter available models are quite lighter, powerful and easy to carry in comparison to their forerunners. In fact, the latest technology and fabrication methods also mean that they are now a bit more affordable for both hobbyists as well as for the professionals. And, if you want to buy the best one here is the list of few best options for you that will help you to make a better buying decision.

Top best performing plasma cutters-


HyperthermPowermax 45-


HyperthermPowermax 45 is one of the best options that you can choose to buy. For the past times, Hypertherm has been making the very best quality of tools. In fact, their market value rests quite solidly on the product that they offer the ability to do exactly what they commit they will. And therefore buying HyperthermPowermax 45, the best plasma cutter will be right for you. It can make perfect cuts through ½” steel at 20” every minute all the day long.

While the product carries a hefty value tag, it is easy of consumable that means it is easy on your checkbook over the lengthy haul. As an additional benefit, Hypertherm’s consumable is a bit less cost-effective than those of several other producers. That is the somewhat that shouldn’t be unseen if you are running the business and where to maintain the profit margins is very much essential.

In fact, it is easy to use for the newer ones that are just to learn the trade. Also, it is providing stable plasma arc making it the top priority for the money. It too offers long functionality and bit the fast cutting speed that is bound to lesser the cutting and scratching costs.

Furthermore, the requirements of the system are simpler. It just needs the AC power source, whether the source is permanent or generator power cause. It too needs compressed air as shop air, bottled air, and moveable air compressor.

This product is made in used in many industries that range from agriculture to transportation. The applications are bevel cutting, fine feature cutting, extended reach cutting, and gouging. Also, it is made in used in handheld, robotic, pipe and tube, X-Y cutting and track platforms.

Product pattern-

  • Duty Cycle- 50% @ 45A
  • Output Current- 20-45A
  • Input Voltage- 200-240V
  • Weight- 37 lbs
  • Height- 13.7in
  • Width- 6.75 in
  • Warranty- 3 years


  • The package comes with many extra accessories
  • Easy to carry and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Precise cutting for lessening the grinding time
  • Powerful tool

Hobart Airforce 40i 240V plasma cutter-


This is another most powerful and bit a costly tool of Hobart’s plasma cutter available in the market today. It is featuring a solid duty cycle, high cutting speed, and very good reliability. The brand voluminously speaks all about this product.  Hobart is the brand that is well known in making the commendable quality of high power and best plasma cutter for easy to affordable rates. No doubt, with this brand you will get 100% surety of getting the one for which you are paying the money. And thus plasma cutter is surely the right selection for the usage in both industrial and non-industrial sectors.

This plasma cutter at the duty cycle of 50% is having the maximum cutting capability of 7/8”. It uses auto-retire technology. This technology enables the operator in cleaning cutting. The safety feature of this item is exceptional with the ergonomic trigger safety; in addition to the highly efficient air consumption altogether with XT40R torch consumable. And if you are seeking for the one for bit heavy workloads, this should be one of your choices. No doubt it is one of the best tools available for several purposes.

Product Pattern-

  • Duty Cycle- 50% @ 40A
  • Weight- 31.4 lbs
  • Width- 8.25 in
  • Height- 11.25 in
  • Length- 14.25 in
  • Warranty- 3 years
  • Input Voltage- 220/330/240V


  • Powerful cutting performance
  • PFC circuitry
  • Wind tunnel technology
  • Fan on demand

Lotos LTP5000D Plasma cutter-


This available option is a reliable one to choose especially for the hobbyists. It’s a dual-voltage unit whose setup is easier and can cut through almost all sorts of metals easily.  Though you need to refrain from using it on rusted or painted metals as it doesn’t have the pilot arc

This product is easy to carry due to its compact design of 15x6x12” that is quite smaller as compared to the Hypertherm Powermax45. This best plasma cutter can easily deliver the best cutting performance by using the greatly optimized design that is incorporating MOSFET transistors. Thus one can count it for providing the very good power output for thick metal as well as thin metal cutting.

The package of the product is including plasma torch, air hose, ground clamp, air hose connection. No doubt it is the right tool for cutting metals such as copper, stainless steel, and aluminium, alloy steel and mild steel. This plasma cutter is 50 amp digital inverter air cutters. It is the top welded for the hobby projects.

Product pattern-

  • Duty Cycle- 60% @ 50A
  • Input Voltage- 110-220V
  • Warranty- 1 year
  • Weight- 26 lbs
  • Lengths- 12 in
  • Height- 15 in
  • Width- 5 in


  • Very good cutting capacity
  • Efficient and clean cuts
  • Safe and easy to use the option
  • Solid and lightweight design

Last words-

So these are the top incredible machines available to pick up from. If you are seeking for getting the best plasma cutter you can get it from the reliable online store. But make sure that you go through the online suppliers’ terms and policies so that you don’t face any troubles. No doubt all of them are good to choose and buy. All of them are offering good ranges of plus points. You can further go for deeper research on that product to get more ideas and then to make a better buying decision. I hope that the details about the best plasma cutter shared with you will help you to shop for the right one according to your needs. So open up the best online store and place the order now before the deal gets over.

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