Best Luxury Exterior Renovation Ideas


While we may not like to admit it, first impressions matter. Therefore, when it comes to our home, we want to put our best foot forward and stand out from the rest of our neighbours– in a good way! As homeowners, we tend to gravitate towards renovating the interior of our home first, and for good reason. Canada isn’t known for its year-round sunny weather, so having a comfortable space to relax after a hard day’s work is important. However, we often fail to realize the benefits that come with exterior renovations, ranging from pride to additional living space.

Therefore, when it comes time to tackle that long overdue exterior renovation, it’s only right that we infuse a little luxury into it. By turning to a custom renovation company, such as Mastered Home Renovations, you can completely transform your home, allowing it to capture your personal taste and style. So for anyone wanting to get a jumpstart on their spring and summer renovation projections, let’s explore some luxury exterior renovation ideas.


From a purely financial perspective, decks are one of the best renovation projects to take on. While they aren’t an inexpensive investment, they do pay off, giving you a return on investment of up to 80%. Plus, they offer you additional living space. After a year and a half of being stuck inside our homes and being limited to outdoor gatherings, we’ve come to realize how valuable our backyards can be.

If you’re looking to take your deck to the next level, consider adding a built-in fireplace, an outdoor kitchen/bar, or a space for outdoor dining. To add even more luxury, consider installing a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door from your kitchen to the deck, allowing you to combine the two spaces effortlessly.

Plus, decks don’t just have to be built out of wood anymore. Consider experimenting with tiles, cement, or even bringing your interior flooring to the outdoors (provided it can withstand the weather conditions).

Swimming Pool

Nothing screams luxury in Canada quite like a swimming pool. From pool parties to escaping the scorching heat, pools manage to elevate every backyard they’re a part of. Plus, you can consider adding a water or rock feature and incorporate it into the rest of your yard.


While redoing the siding on your home may not feel like a luxurious renovation project, you’ll soon be glad you decided to show some love to the exterior of your home. Your siding has the incredible ability to set the tone for your entire home, establishing whether your house is old, new, modern, rundown, trendy, or out of date. While the inside of your home may be stunning, completely capturing your personal aesthetic, the outside may not scream “you” at all. By changing the siding on your home, you can allow your home to better reflect your style and give the first impression you want, all while enhancing your home’s curb appeal.


Landscaping is about more than just adding fresh sod and removing overgrown plants. It’s about creating an environment and experience that sets a tone and invites you in. It should reflect your personal tastes and complement the rest of your home, drawing all the elements together. Beautiful landscaping filled with trees, shrubs, and flowers allow your home’s exterior to feel more rich and lush, all while encouraging you to spend more time outdoors.

Fire Pit

For those uninterested in placing a fire pit in their deck, consider adding one to your backyard. Not only are fire fits a great way to add usability to your backyard during the chillier months, but they can also add value to your home. Simply adding comfy seating and some warm blankets, and you’re set to curl up for hours!




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