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Traditionally, farmhouses were built in agricultural or rural settings only. They were meant for accommodating people and the farm produce. It was not a surprise to find a farmhouse connected to animal space. Today, farmhouses are less rustic, comfy, and full of charm, with the latest architectural designs and features. 

The transition from traditional farmhouses to classic/modern farmhouses has been affected by technological evolution, and the people’s desire to surround themselves with amenities that enhance their comfort. Here is everything you need to know about the farmhouse style homes.

The history of farmhouse style homes

Unskilled American workers pioneered the farmhouse style homes in the early 1800s. The earliest farmhouses featured a single floored rectangular building made from local materials such as mud bricks, wood, and stones, depending on the residential location. By the 1900s, more classic farmhouses had been developed, whose designs were drawn from settler homes. 

They featured natural wood accents, porcelain sinks, traditional fabrics, and vintage furniture and accessories. The classic farmhouse later evolved into the modern farmhouse we have today. The contemporary farmhouse has great features, including neutral color schemes, glossy accents, comfortable furniture, effective drains, bright lighting, and other modern design elements.

How to decorate your house in a farmhouse style

To customize your home in a farmhouse style, you need to balance the old and new furnishings while maintaining a touch of nature. Furnish the house with robust items that are stylish and portray a significant level of sophistication. For instance, an old harvest table can match well with modern light fittings in the dining room. Also, ensure that your house looks like it evolved.

Items like furniture should not have any similarities. You can combine your 5-seater sofa with some reupholstered vintage chairs you inherited from your old friends. Research on the various sites for buying a sink online and get a durable apron sink. Combine it with shaker-style cabinets to give it a touch of farmhouse. The farmhouse sink will secure you from splashing water on the floor in the future. You can execute the finishing using a rough wood and peeling prone paint. The idea is to give your house a balanced look at both old and new features.

How to decorate your house in a farmhouse style

The benefits of a farmhouse

If you own a farmhouse, you can decide to stay in it or generate income. Living in a farmhouse allows you to enjoy the full benefits of nature. It keeps you free from pollution and crime-related activities common in towns and gives you calmness, which is essential for your mental and physical health. Moreover, you can boost your health by taking fresh, natural foods like veggies, legumes, and fruits directly from your farm. If you are an employee to an organization, you can earn an extra income by renting out your farmhouse to another person. You will also enjoy the freedom of ownership. 

How to get the comfort of a farmhouse 

Comfort starts from what pleases you from viewing, listening, or using physically. Replace your glass-made TV stand with the one made from rustic wood, add a metallic swing fitted with a comfy wooden seat. The swing will offer you the most comfortable moment to read through your favorite novel. Fit your ceilings with a farmhouse air conditioning fan. The fan will not only help in controlling the in-house temperatures during summer but also add a rustic look to your ceiling. Use mason jars to plant houseplants. The house plants will add glamour to your house décor and freshen the house’s air. 

Disadvantages of a farmhouse

The fact that your farmhouse is located away from town centers has its shortfalls too. First, it keeps you away from entertainment facilities such as clubs. If you love clubbing, you would have to travel to find your favorite club. You will also have to go to town to access the best medical facilities. 

You will also experience the high cost of drilling your water borehole or buying expensive water, unlike in a city where municipal water is cheap and easily accessible. Additionally, you might encounter space problems, especially if you don’t have an expansion space to make some house modifications. You will also have to cater for the cost of repairs and maintenance of the entire farmhouse.

A farmhouse can offer you a comfortable life you have ever dreamt of. All you need is to fit it with a mix of both old and new items to give it a farmhouse touch. However, life in the farmhouse has its limitations too. You might be faced with the challenges of looking for social amenities such as medical facilities and paying other farmhouse related costs.

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