9 Futureproof Bathroom Design Ideas


The bathroom is not only a place for hygiene and grooming, but it is also the heart of every home. One can spend hours relaxing in their bathtub or enjoy long conversations with other family members while sitting on the toilet seat. A well-designed bathroom has an impact on everyone’s quality of life. It should be comfortable, easy to clean, spacious enough to fit two people comfortably, and have good lighting so that we can see ourselves during our morning routine.

There are many factors you need to bear in mind before buying your bathroom tiles online and starting your renovation project such as – plumbing fixtures, flooring material/tiles, etc. when designing a new small space bathroom. If you want this room to become functional yet attractive for years to come then you need to plan ahead and allocate enough space for your bathroom.

So, before you start, think about the things that matter most in a bathroom’s decor: what is its purpose (i.e., do I want a room just for bathing or am I also using it as my study?), how much time can be spent there on average? Then decide if this area should remain cluttered with items such as towels or toiletries cabinets etc., which can all obstruct easy access

Your next step would be deciding what kind of décor you want – themed bathrooms are becoming very popular these days like spa/coastal style ones or even rooms filled with plants only! But unless you have an unlimited budget, then stick within one theme and incorporate various patterns, textures, colors, etc.

Remember that a bathroom is a place of transition in your home – it needs to be inviting but also practical so you can go about your daily routine quickly without too much fussing around! Here are some futureproof design ideas for 2021:

  1. Create zones with sinks or shower stalls on one end wall facing each other for easy access during use; alternatively, if there’s enough space create an open layout where all fixtures face into a common zone. This way not only will the bathing area feel more spacious but it will allow two people to share this room simultaneously as well (for couples).
  2. For bathrooms with limited ceiling height try building a niche from floor level up that can house a toilet. A partitioned shower area can be created by adding a curvaceous bathroom door to the niche or extending one wall up and installing a glass/clear plastic window with curtains for privacy
  3. Install an overhead shelf that will double as storage space in your shower stall, eliminating clutter on the floor
  4. Make sure you have adequate lighting – it’s important not only during morning routines but also so we can see any grime build-up easily)
  5. Consider creating separate spaces within the same room – this way there is more flexibility when using different appliances such as bidets, showers, etc., depending on how much time each person has available at that particular moment and if they want to share these facilities or not (for families)
  6. Install a retractable clothing line above the shower area or just inside it, next to the ceiling. This way clothes can be hung up in an easy and accessible location while you enjoy your hot water
  7. Have at least one mirror in the bathroom so that people who are using this room simultaneously have enough light during their morning routines – consider installing a large mirror over either sink (or both).
  8. Another idea is to use natural textiles for flooring which will create more warmth within this space and also help deter children from sticking things down there which can break plumbing fixtures etc.
  9. Lastly, if you want your bathroom design to stand out amongst others then go bold with colors! Brighten up those walls and make this space your own, but remember to keep it functional and practical at the same time!


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