6 Signs Your Bathroom Is Horribly Outdated


According to a 2022 study published by Houzz, the guest bathroom stands as the second-most-frequently updated room, with 26% of homeowners choosing to remodel this space. These stats show that homeowners today know the necessity to keep every part of their home modern and up-to-date.

But why is this so important? Imagine this: you walk into a room and instantly feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine. The avocado green tiles, and the old-school Hollywood lighting, all scream “70s sitcom”. In our fast-paced world, where styles change at the click of a button, an outdated bathroom can be an eyesore.

If your bathroom is clad in these retro colors, it may cry out for a contemporary makeover. Today’s design trends favor soothing, neutral shades that create a calming, tranquil atmosphere. A strategic color selection can significantly transform your bathroom, offering a modern appeal that uplifts its overall allure.

Consider, for instance, the city of Grand Rapids, renowned for its biting winter weather. In such places, the need for a cozy, inviting bathroom is even more accentuated. The frosty outdoors compels homeowners to create a warm sanctuary within their bathrooms. This places Grand Rapids in a unique position, illuminating the relevance of modern, aesthetically pleasing bathrooms.

The upward trajectory of bathroom remodeling in Grand Rapids serves as a guiding light for those considering their own bathroom renovations. The city’s homeowners lead the way, crafting modern, inviting bathrooms that not only add to their home’s comfort and value but also offer a comforting retreat from the harsh winter elements.

Elevating Your Bathroom Experience

If you find yourself longing for a bathroom that reflects contemporary elegance and style, then it’s time to engage the professionals. Notably, in places like Grand Rapids bathroom remodeling services are sought-after, aiming to transform outdated bathrooms into modern, stylish spaces. One name that stands out when it comes to such services is Home Pro of West Michigan. Their team of expert craftspeople prides themselves on meticulous attention to detail, top-of-the-line craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that your bathroom makeover is in safe and capable hands.

6 Signs Your Bathroom Is Outdated

1. The Reign of Retro Tile

The charm of nostalgia can only take you so far when your bathroom is lined with pink, baby blue, or mustard yellow tiles. These tiles, once considered the epitome of avant-garde design, have unfortunately not aged well. Today, they clash with modern bathrooms’ sleek, polished, and sophisticated aesthetics. The trends have favored larger, oversized tiles or the ever-popular subway tiles. These lend elegance and spaciousness to your bathroom, making it appear sleek, modern, and refreshed. It’s not just about the aesthetics either – these tiles are typically easier to clean and maintain. If your bathroom is still holding on to the past with its retro tiles, it is the perfect time to consider a stylish upgrade.

2. Carpeted Bathrooms: A Trip Hazard

It might be hard to believe, but bathroom wall-to-wall carpeting was once a hot trend! But, as we now know, it’s not just aesthetically questionable but also a considerable health hazard. Carpet can trap moisture and becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew, leading to potential health issues, not to mention the trip hazard it presents when it gets wet. Today, the choices for bathroom flooring have drastically improved. Options like ceramic, porcelain, or luxury vinyl tile are stylish, durable, and practical. They’re easy to clean and water-resistant, providing safety and style. Therefore, if you’re still stepping onto a shaggy carpet after a shower, it might be the perfect moment to consider a more modern and sanitary alternative.

3. Old-School Hollywood Lighting

If your bathroom lighting consists of a glaring bulb mounted over the mirror, it indicates your bathroom is stuck in a bygone era. This so-called ‘Hollywood’ lighting was popular but has fallen out of favor as design sensibilities have evolved. Modern bathrooms prioritize layered lighting that seamlessly integrates ambient, task, and accent lighting. This approach to lighting creates a more balanced, versatile, and pleasing aesthetic. It not only enhances the bathroom’s overall look but also provides the right amount of light where you need it most.

4. Outdated Plumbing Fixtures

Are you still twisting brass or crystal knobs whenever you need to wash your hands or shower? If yes, your bathroom is living in the past. Though charming in a nostalgic way, these kinds of fixtures don’t quite fit into the sleek, minimalist design trends of the 21st century. Modern bathrooms now have elegant, efficient fixtures that elevate the bathroom’s aesthetic and are more water-efficient. Upgrading to these can save water and potentially reduce your utility bills, which is a win for both the environment and your wallet.

5. The Bulky Cabinet Sink

If you’re still dealing with a bulky cabinet sink that consumes too much space, it’s time to rethink your bathroom design. Cabinet sinks, though useful for storage, don’t align with today’s minimalist design trends. They often make a bathroom feel cramped and outdated. In contrast, modern bathrooms often feature floating vanities, which offer the same storage capacity but without the bulk. These vanities make the room feel larger, more open, and more contemporary. They’re a sign that your bathroom design prioritizes both functionality and style.

6. The Almond-Colored Suite

An almond-colored bathroom suite brings back memories of home design in the 80s and 90ss. While it was the height of style back then, it doesn’t fit into the design landscape of the present day. The color trend for modern bathrooms has shifted towards a more sophisticated palette of pure white or dark, dramatic tones. These colors add a contemporary touch and work with different styles, aiming for a sleek, minimalist look or a more luxurious, spa-like feel. If your bathroom is still stuck in the almond phase, it’s a sign that it’s time for an update.


Trends come and go, and it can be challenging to keep up. However, an outdated bathroom can significantly impact your home’s overall feel and functionality. Remodeling your bathroom not only improves your day-to-day life but also increases the value of your home. So, why wait? Contact professionals to take the first step towards a stylish, modern bathroom today.

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