5 Tips for Creating a Crafting Corner in Your Home


Crafting can be a wonderful hobby to take up. It provides you with a way to tap into your creative side and make unique and beautiful items and projects. But to fully enjoy this hobby, you need to have enough space, and it needs to be well organized. If you’re ready to up your crafting game, then it’s time to design a crafting corner in your home. Here are five tips that will ensure the crafting corner meets all your needs.

Where Will the Crafting Corner Be Located?

Just because you’ve determined you need a crafting corner doesn’t mean you’ve figured out the specific location. The last thing you want is to designate an area for crafting only to find it’s not right for your needs.

Here are some criteria for finding the ideal crafting corner in the home:

  • A quiet distraction-free space
  • It is separate from the common spaces (family room, kitchen, etc.)
  • It is large enough
  • Is there room to expand if needed?

Smart Storage and Organizational Pieces are a Priority

Before you delve too deep into the design of the crafting corner, it’s wise to start with storage and organizational pieces. You want to be sure they are smart in that they fit your specific needs. What works for someone else’s crafting corner may not be right for you.

A few things to consider when shopping for storage ideas include:

  • The type of materials you use
  • The size of the materials
  • How much you need to store
  • Ease of access
  • Will it fit your future needs?
  • Will the storage fit in the crafting area?
  • How many different storage pieces/units will be needed

If you have young children and/or pets in the home, you also want to be sure they can’t access your supplies and materials, as some can be dangerous.

Stock Up on the Essential Crafting Supplies

Once you have addressed storage in the crafting corner, it’s time to stock up on all the essential supplies. Because it can be expensive to purchase items that meet all your crafting needs, it’s a good idea to watch for deals, promotions, and discounts. You can start with the basics, and build your collection from there.

To ensure you always have the essentials on hand, be sure to keep a running list of items you use up so you can quickly replace them.

What About a Worktop or Desk?

Now you need to think about the worktop or desk you’ll be using in your crafting corner. Again this will be dependent on the type of crafts and projects you do, as some require a lot more space than others. Ideally, you’ll want a large flat surface for measuring and cutting. This can be a separate desk or countertop, or it can be incorporated into the workspace.

As you look for furniture you’ll find desks that are nothing more than a flat surface to work at, and then those with storage. Again, weigh your options wisely and consider your needs.

Lighting Is Essential in a Crafting Corner

Finally, be sure to factor in lighting. Without proper lighting, it’s easy to make mistakes and can even cause eye strain as you struggle to see. Proper lighting should be a combination of natural and artificial lighting. Task lighting can be especially useful since you can direct where the beam of light hits.

Take Your Enjoyment of Crafting to the Next Level

All of these tips will make it possible to design the perfect crafting corner for your needs. This means you’ll be able to take your hobby to the next level of enjoyment and even skill level thanks to the highly functional space you have designed.

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